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What is AstroCartography? The Best Places To Live Based On Your Chart

Astro cartography is a form of astrological interpretation that maps the astrological influences of planets and other celestial bodies on a person's life. Astro cartography focuses on understanding the effects of planetary placements, the timing of events and the relationships between planets at specific locations on Earth. This practice is sometimes referred to as "locational astrology" or "astro mapping".

Astrocartography is a type of astrology that maps the astrological aspect lines on a two-dimensional map based on the location of the planets in the birth chart. It is believed that the location of the planets in relation to one’s birthplace or current residence can affect the nature of life events or experiences in a particular area.

Each planetary line is interpreted according to the planetary energies it represents. The most common astrocartography lines are the Sun-line, Moon-line, Mercury-line, Venus-line, Mars-line, Jupiter-line, Saturn-line, Uranus-line, Neptune-line, and Pluto-line.

How to Find Your Personal Astrocartography Lines

With modern technology, finding your astrocartography lines can be quite simple. Astrocartography lines are created with the help of astro-mapping software. To find your astrocartography lines, you will need to enter your birth date, time, and place into the software, which will then generate a map of the world showing the locations where your astrological influences are strongest. You can find astro-mapping software online, or you can purchase astrological software packages that come with astrocartography maps.

In astrocartography, planetary lines represent the influence of each planet in different geographical locations. Each planetary line indicates the effect that the planet has on people in that particular area. They can be used to gain insight into the potential of each location and how it can affect one's life.

Ascendant line: Representing the self, this line indicates where a person is likely to feel most at home, and have the greatest physical presence.

Descendant line: Representing relationships, this line indicates where a person is likely to find the greatest success in interacting with others.

Imum Coeli or "IC" line: Representing the inner self, this line points to where a person is likely to experience the greatest personal growth and development.

Midheaven line: Representing career and reputation, this line indicates where a person is likely to find the greatest success in their professional life.

Vertex line: Representing fate and destiny, this line points to where a person is likely to experience unexpected, life-changing events.

East Point line: Representing the social self, this line points to where a person is likely to find the greatest success in their social life.

Understanding Each Planet & Their Effects

Now that you've gotten an understanding of planetary lines, your birth chart and the time you were born, you can explore what planet influences run through your city. Enter your information into a popular yet trustworthy online software and begin your search. Once you know what planet and line you live near, you can have a better understanding of the energetic effects you'll experience in that area.

Sun Line: The Sun Line is a powerful line that signifies personal power, creativity, and self-expression. It can bring about major life changes and personal growth if it falls in an area of your chart.

Moon Line: The Moon Line is associated with emotional stability, intuition, and security. It is a very nurturing line that can bring about a feeling of home and family.

Mars Line: The Mars Line is associated with passion, courage, and aggression. It can bring about a sense of drive, ambition, and success.

Mercury Line: The Mercury Line is associated with communication, intellect, and learning. It can bring about a heightened sense of awareness and clarity in one’s life.

Jupiter Line: The Jupiter Line is associated with luck, expansion, and abundance. It can bring about good fortune and a feeling of positivity.

Venus Line: The Venus Line is associated with love, relationships, and beauty. It can bring about a sense of harmony and peace.

Saturn Line: The Saturn Line is associated with discipline, hard work, and responsibility. It can bring about structure and order in one’s life.

Uranus Line: The Uranus Line is associated with change, innovation, and progress. It can bring about a sense of new ideas and opportunities.

Neptune Line: The Neptune Line is associated with spirituality, mystery, and illusions. It can bring about a sense of mystery and mysticism to one’s life.

Pluto Line: The Pluto Line is associated with transformation, power, and control. It can bring about major changes and growth in one’s life.

Astrocartography is a form of astrology that uses one’s natal chart to map out a person’s life and potential. It uses the planetary placements in one’s natal chart to determine where a person should live, work, or travel in order to gain the most benefit from their environment. It also takes into account aspects between planets and house cusps in order to determine the best possible places to be. This form of astrology can be used to gain insight into the most beneficial locations for various aspects of life, from career and relationships to health and spiritual growth.

By studying astrocartography, a person can gain insight into the possible influences of different locations on their life, and make decisions about where to live, work, and travel accordingly. What planetary line do you live on and what is your experience like? Comment below!


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