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Meet The Editor

Sahar Turner

CEO / Editorial Director 

Sahar Turner is an experienced editor, copywriter, and vocalist. Sahar has been writing professionally for over a decade, honing her skills in both editing and copywriting. She has worked with a variety of clients and publications, including StylingByChi magazine, Remake Learning, Soul Pitt Media, Local newspapers, blogs & websites, and corporate clients.


Sahar is experienced in both print and digital media, and is skilled in crafting compelling copy and editing for accuracy, clarity, and style. Sahar is also a professional vocalist. She has extensive experience performing in a variety of genres, including classical, musical theatre, and jazz. She has performed at festivals and in concert halls and continues to expand her talents through production and collaboration. She is passionate about helping clients find their voice, and believes that great writing is an essential skill for success in any profession. Sahar is committed to helping her clients develop and create powerful, engaging content.

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