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ZASHADU, the British-Nigerian Luxury Brand You've Been Missing

Creative Director and Designer Zainab Ashadu birthed Zashadu with two things in mind: for the wearer to feel bold and confident; and the pieces themselves reflect the modern art all around us. With her diverse background encompassing art curatorship, architecture, and fashion styling - this brand is the perfect mosaic of all those elements.

Zainab Ashadu was inspired to develop her brand and discusses what pushed her in a recent interview.

"... I had an un-moveable desire to express something, through the medium of handbags, and that still remained even after I had completed two Bachelor degrees in English and Modern Drama Studies and Arabic Language, in London, United Kingdom, where I also grew up. I decided to listen, went back to school, this time to London College of Fashion, and enrolled on a course in Leather Accessories Design. I moved back to Lagos, shortly after and begun Zashadu in 2010."