Fashion Designer Awakens Inner Divinity with SABAA Elite

Founded by Har-Nun (also known as Amun Harar), SABAA Elite is the cultural resurrection and unification of all Nile Valley descendants and those who study and honor the ancient Kemetic way of life. The symbol on their logo is the Egyptian Bennu Bird, representing rebirth and resurrection. Har-Nun's goal is to inspire people of color all over the world to embrace and discover their own cultural history.

Every collection has been carefully curated with the source of Ancient Egyptian spiritual traditions, temples, and artistic forms in mind. Keep reading to learn more about Har-Nun and how SABAA came to manifest.

How did you set foot on the path into fashion?

Being born at the source of the Nile, I was able to witness the beauty of the current cultural trends and its connection to our ancestral origins through the Nile Valley Civilizations. I was inspired to transform the knowledge I've acquired throughout the years and reclaim our cultural essence through the way we dress.

The main inspiration channels the Kemetic way of life. I wanted to give homage to what was once forgotten with a modern twist. Most of our designs start with a simple idea and a rough sketch. Nothing too fancy. Just simple, classic, and noble.

Have you collaborated with any artists or businesses?

We [SABAA] collaborated with Angela Simmons in the early days of designing, being one of the first brands she had on her e-Commerce Website and Fashion Show when she first launched.

Since then I've had the pleasure of featuring some of our designs on artists like French Montana, Chris Brown, and as of late Author and Holistic Healer Queen Afua.

What's your vision for Sabaa Elite? How did you come up with the name?

My vision for SABAA Elite is to create an atmosphere of cultural elegance and inspire others to see the beauty in who we are. SABAA is the Sabaic and Egyptian term for Star, specifically SIRIUS where it is said Kemetic origins began.

What should we expect next from SABAA?

I'm excited to announce the newest collection 'The 47th Dynasty'. This collection dives deeper into the heritage, culture, and spiritual inspiration of Kemet. I'm also debuting our new Jewelry and Shoe collection, as well as featuring new designs for our ELITE collection.

"SABAA Elite brings elegance and royalty to fashion while helping customers reclaim their cultural legacy. We hope to inspire people all over the world to embrace and learn from their cultural history. Also, we want others to see themselves as worthy of love and respect no matter who they are today. " - Amun Harar

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