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Thrift Out Loud! Patrice McKenzie Makes Fashion Affordable

PATRICE MCKENZIE, founder of #ThriftOutLoud (a thrifty fashion blog) believes every woman should be able to look good and not spend a ton of money. Her mission is to help millennial women dress professionally and stylish on any budget!

“Thrift Out Loud is dedicated to helping millennial women shop for stylish threads and save money on a budget. We do this because every woman deserves to look her best and feel her best”

Q: How do you channel your creative inspiration into fashion? I believe women who look their best feel their best. I highlight different thrifty fashion styles to encourage millennial women they can look their best for less.

Q: As people of color, we all experience adversity at some point in our growth process; how did you overcome limitations? I didn't face blatant adversity until I graduated from college. I did everything I was 'supposed to do' to be successful after I graduated. I landed an Internship, got good grades, and participated in extra curricular activities. Ironically, I experienced more road blocks after I graduated than expected. I moved to Atlanta, worked multiple jobs and eventually moved back to my parent's house all within a year and a half.

College is supposed to prepare you for success, right? Well it didn't necessarily prepare me for life's challenges. I was resilient, however and sought God in prayer. I used every job and experience from then on to grow. Looking back, I'm thankful for those hardships because without them I wouldn't be where I am today.

Q: What's your fashion style?

My fashion style is comfortable chic. I love maxi dresses. They are so comfortable and great for most occasions. I absolutely can not live without a good black casual maxi dress. You can dress it up with jewelry and heels or wear it to the grocery store with sandals. I love the versatility. I have three.

Q: What's next for 'Thrift Out Loud'?

I plan to make my love for fashion, thrifting and giving back to women in need, a social venture in the near future. I'm going to start a social venture that will offer an awesome shopping experience to women at no cost.

I also plan to mix my love of wine and shopping into a fun quarterly event for women to come together. This will be an event that can take place at various local locations to highlight new creative spaces in the city.

Q: Any advice for young aspiring entrepreneurs?

Never stop learning. Never stop seeking. Never stop growing. Starting business doesn't happen over night. Use every opportunity (work and school) to grow personally and to gain skills for your business in order to make it the best it can be.

You can follow Patrice on social media:

Instagram/Twitter: @thriftoutloud and visit for more updates and thrifty tips!



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Image by Jessica Felicio