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The Influence of Planetary Rulerships on the Days of the Week

The seven-day week is a time measurement that has been subtly shaped by ancient astrology, where each day of the week has been attributed to a particular planetary celestial body.

Let's embark on exploring the origins and planetary influences behind the days of the week. Delving into their deep roots not only gives us historical insights, but also allows us to reflect on their meaning and harness the unique energies associated with each day.

Sunday: The Radiant Sun

Sunday derives its name from the Sun, the celestial body at the center of our solar system.

The Sun symbolizes self-expression, ego, creativity, and lively energy. Sundays usher in a fresh start to the week filled with enthusiasm, offering opportunities for self-care, leisure, adventure, and reconnecting with loved ones.

Monday: Lunar Wisdom

Monday finds its root in the Moon, governing emotions, sensitivity, and intuition. Sometimes called Moon’s Day, it encapsulates nurturing, home, and emotional well-being. Mondays are oftentimes dedicated to relaxation & rest, reflection, soulful inner work, and spending quality time with one's family.

Tuesday: The Battle of Mars

Issued from 'Tiu's Dag,' (Tiw/Tyr - Norse god of war) Tolwas rooted in the influence of Mars. Associated with strength, courage, and drive, Tuesdays inject a fierce determination into life’s challenges. This day encourages assertiveness, starting new partnerships, advancing career prospects, and investing passions toward personal visionary goals.

Wednesday: Empowering Mercury

Connected to Wotan/Woden languages, tapped into the charismatic power of Mercury as quick-witted entities governed communication. Wednesdays urge intellectual foresight, adaptability, strategic thinking, and efficient expression.

Retrieving skills in problem-solving puts wind in sails regarding efficient innovative ventures both personally and professionally.

Thursday: The Jupiterian Expansion

Etymology links 'Thor' in Old Norse to this day of the mighty thunderstorm with inciting jovial charisma. Blessed by mighty Jupiter, Thursdays exhilarate expectancy, justice, kindness, luck, harmony, all fuelling intellectual depth along any pursuit. Leverage this energy for expanding goals, long-term plans, philanthropy or simply understanding different perspectives.

Friday: The Venusian Sweetness

Rooted in 'Freya/Freyr' goddesses resonating love and beauty fused steadily as Friday. Benefiting from divine feminine energy entwined with a focus on pleasure, sentimentality, harmony, and romance poise also attracts prosperity to aesthetics by Venus bound influences.

Saturday: The Saturnian Integrity

Derived from contemporary geographical nightfall honoring straitlaced 'Saturn' energies caution associated with keeping modest needful pursuits on focus or beware vigilance might sound complimentary.

It brings in opportunities, and respects workability fostering influentialness directed beneath the supreme yet necessary structure.

Understanding the planetary connections assigned to each day of the week provides us with unique perspectives onto the energies bestowed upon it. Consequently, we become the arbiters of our lives as we recognize the sway celestial forces have over our daily experiences.

By harmonizing with these influences, we can consciously tap into the energies appreciated by our ancestors and harness that wisdom to optimize our personal lives. However, amidst our reverence for planetary associations, remember that every day, independent of affinities, offers kaleidoscopic wonders shaped by personal choices offering an incongruously endless portfolio of virtues.


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Image by Jessica Felicio