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Poets of Steel, The Pittsburgh Based Collective You Need To Know

Poets of Steel is a brilliant collective of singers, models, entrepreneurs, dancers and you guessed it...poets! In an effort to combat setbacks and oppression, their mission is to empower the artistic community through peace, education, unity, and love.

photo credit: Diva Doll Photography

While everyone has their own creative path and goals, the Poets of Steel are always eager to come together to create impactful events throughout Pittsburgh and beyond. "Peace and Steel," and "Conversations Surrounding New Generation Kings" are a couple of successful events that the group put their hearts and minds into and it showed. One attendee wrote:

"We couldn’t stop talking about the even last night when we left. The room was filled with so much positive energy. It lit a spark that I haven’t seen in a while! We really needed that. Poets of Steel shows are a whole vibe!"

photo credit: Diva Doll Photography

How did you guys get started?

We got started right after an event in August of 2019. The wavelength was undeniable. Our theme was "peace." We seemed to have come together at the right place and the right time. It was supposed to happen.

What type of content do you love to create most?

We create music and poems that surround the betterment of ourselves and the community. We focus on real rap, real problems, and real change.

What collaborations do you hope to see with the group?

We love collaborating within the group. There are so many projects that are flourishing at a quick speed. I would also love to see us collaborate with an out of state promoter and producer by the name of Tim Burton. He has produced countless songs and helped artists to reach their goals. There are so many local leaders that we'd like to collaborate with as well. Further down the line, we'd like to make strides in collaborating with Kendrick, Burna Boy, and Alicia Keys. It could happen. We strive for a healthy, artistic environment.

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What should we expect in 2021?

You can expect a wonderful collaboration with Nubian Impulse (currently planning). Also, we are planning an art workshop in the Summer. Some of the artists in the group such as Samurae, Sweater Bob, Sabali, Mr. Trell, and Shawn Stubbs have albums coming out as well. It's definitely going to be lit.

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Lisa Rosefield
Lisa Rosefield
May 03, 2021


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