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Meet Choreographer and 'Mad Curves' Instructor Kela

This month's feature is the amazing choreographer Akela Bey. She began dancing when she was just 4 years old and it's been her passion ever since. The 'Mad Curves' dancer realized movement was her destiny when she tried to quit but her heart just wouldn't let her.

"I think about dancing every day. If I'm not doing it physically, I catch myself watching dance videos.

As a plus-size woman of color, there weren't a lot of opportunities for her until recently - but that didn't stop Kela from dedicating time to her craft. Although she continued to break barriers because of her talents, she always felt she had to work harder than other dancers because of certain stereotypes.

Akela started dancing with Naka Ent , she later joined other crews including Khaioz Krew with Lj Duncan and later Kg Dynasty. She currently performs with Pretty Big Movement dance company and teaches at Level Up Studios every week. Akela's favorite dancers include Gabriel "Kg" Ash, Josh "Taiwann" Williams, B. Dash, Amari Marshall, Candace Brown, She'Meka Ann, and Sharnell Younger.

Besides dancing, Akela has a hidden talent for music. She is a self-taught instrumentalist playing cello and the violin. She also writes poetry during her downtime.

"My advice to the youth on setting and accomplishing goals is to NEVER GIVE UP & TO KEEP PUSHING!!. Its gonna take hard work and dedication. And its never going to be easy."



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Image by Jessica Felicio