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Latasha Marie Launches LStyles Apparel Clothing Line

It's no secret that boss baddies in Pittsburgh are on the rise. We are changing the narrative of a soley "blue collar city" to owning and running our own sh*t. So when I got the chance to catch up with Latasha I was super excited.

LStyles Apparel just launched officially? How does it feel? How long have you been working towards this goal?

I feel so blessed. I am grateful to finally be doing what truly makes me happy. I created Lstyles in 2017 which was just styling and creative directing services. In 2018 we added apparel and recently just launched officially this week.

How do you describe the look/vibe of this line?

We are a urban street brand. We cater to young professionals, men and women who enjoy the latest trends, while also being comfortable.

How do you balance schedules and stay motivated? What’s your advice for mothers with goals and dreams?

I have two godsons that everyone thinks are actually my children lol. Nonetheless it’s very challenging to balance your own personal goals while catering to their needs , but I have learned that children really just want to spend time with you. I find new ways to involve them into my activities. For an example when it’s arts and crafts for them it’s sketching new pieces for me. Or when I’m sorting out inventory I allow them to help by playing the color game “ this shirt is red put it in the red pile” etc. The only advice I can give to mommies or godparents is take your time, involve your children and allow them to be apart of the process, and meditate sis. Control your thoughts and you’ll be ok!

You’re a musician as well? Should we expect any future projects? Yes. Im always trying to find new ways to release music.

This is only the beginning for you, where do you see your clothing line growing to? Do you eventually plan to have some pieces in stores? I know L’styles will take me to places I’ve never been before and open new doors I’ve only wish to walk through. My goal is to make it a luxury brand that is affordable for my people. I’m really excited to take this journey. I do eventually plan to open up a store front in LA. L’styles is really the layup to everything else I plan to do.


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Image by Jessica Felicio