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Independent Artist Keldamuzik Scores Huge Placement Deal

Music artist Keldamuzik is happy to announce the placement of her latest song “I Don’t Care” which was featured on Bravo TV’s Real Housewives of Atlanta. This song is a single from her 4th album “Diva TV, The Album”, which stemmed from her reality TV series that aired in the early 2000s called Diva TV.

Keldamuzik, who has been in the music industry for a while now, sought out different ways to promote her music, from licensing deals and collaborating with other brands. Both have done wonders for her career being an independent artist and not signed to a major label.

In previous years, #Keldamuzik has had indie deals offered to her that she felt weren’t the right fit for her at the time; in 2011 she left label Malaco Records to pursue her own doings and started to allocate a marketing team around her to help push her career forward and polish her brand.

In 2012 Keldamuzik toured in #Tokyo opening for R&B singer Lloyd, which boosted her career to another level as an artist. Before then she toured throughout the Caribbean on different islands with reggae singer Jah Cure.

Keldamuzik also launched her own channel called Keldamuzik Presents, which could be streamed on Roku, Apple TV, Android TV and Amazon Fire. The channel includes her music videos, talk show, films that she’s starred in and behind the scene footage. Keldamuzik is focused on making more music and collaborating with other talented artists, continuing the wave for women in Hip Hop.

The Diva is not new to music placement, her previous licensing deals include Oxygen’s channel Bad Girls Club, MTV’s Real World, and Please Give, by #Sony Entertainment. It’s been a long road for the Hip Hop entertainer, but with the new wave of female rappers that are trending, Keldamuzik knows that now more than ever, there's room to shine.


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Image by Jessica Felicio