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Featured: Imprinted by Jessii Marie

Imprinted by Jessii was founded and created my Jessii Marie; a young artist who in the last 8 years grew to love and focus on one of her many talents art. Born and raised in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Jessii credits her business venture to her loving grandparents who taught her to work hard and go after everything she wants.

Jessii can be described as having the ambition of a child with the soul of her ancestors. Her art is a depiction of things she cannot express well verbally, her life, trials, and tribulations, and everything else in between that makes her who she is. This business is not just your average company, but a brand and lifestyle she wants to give to the world.

Big on woman empowerment, Jessii’s plans to inspire, unionize, empower, and encourage people of all ages, shapes, sizes, and creeds. Jessii believes that all people are different but should be treated equally - and that people should embrace their cultures and accept that they come from different backgrounds.

Jessii believes that art is something that everyone loves and appreciates because it's measured by your perception; like success! Her strong belief in equality, her southern background, and her Gemini zodiac bring to life the art she paints and the candle scents she has created. Imprinted is Jessii’s way of showing the world all that’s been Imprinted upon her and plans on leaving her own imprint on the world. Her art and candles are just the beginning. Stay tuned.




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Image by Jessica Felicio