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Embracing the Spirit of Queen Amina: A Journey of Divine Innovation and Creativity

Few names resonate with the power and legacy of Queen Amina, the legendary Nigerian warrior queen. Named after this formidable figure, she carries a legacy of trust and strength; Amina means "trustworthy" and Yael signifies "Strength of God." With these names as a sacred foundation, her divine feminine is driven by a relentless pursuit of innovation and creative excellence.

Queen Amina

The Force of Innovation

Innovation is the guiding star for Amina, the force that fuels all passion and creativity. Constantly seeking ways to distinguish her work, drawing inspiration from the innovators of the past acts as a beacon.

"I love delving into antique visions, those timeless gems that one can only discover through meticulous research. It feels like uncovering a secret goldmine, constantly asking myself: Who were the innovators of their time? What was innovative then? And how can I be an innovator today?"

Wine Down Wednesday: A Neo/Soul Art Show

One of the most exciting platforms for Amina's creativity is Wine Down Wednesday, a Jacksonville-based, homegrown Neo/Soul art show. This event is dedicated to showcasing the work of black creatives in the city, fostering community through artistic expression. This collaboration has taken Wine Down's artistic vision to new heights, creating an environment where art serves as a vessel for community building.

In a period of self-discovery and growth, nurturing a more intimate relationship between the soul and the creative spirit is crucial right now. This journey involves balancing both aspects, allowing Amina to express herself more clearly and unapologetically. The atmosphere from their recent shoot was nothing short of brilliant, set at Eartha’s Farm and Garden.

Queen Amina

Dom, the creative visionary behind Wine Down, described the shoot as exposing a different side of creation—a more distant one. He masterfully set the perfect tone and nostalgic feel for the scene. Rakim, another brilliant artist, captured the essence of the moment, emphasizing the importance of returning to our roots and listening to the messages from the earth.

A Season of Exploration

As the seasons change, so does Queen Amina's artistry. As she describes currently being in a season of pure exploration, experimenting with new materials, creative mediums, and diverse artists; this period of experimentation is expanding her creative worldviews, allowing the rediscovery of interests that had lost its vision years ago.

"I'm diving into several exciting projects, including a recent collaboration with Wine Down Wednesday’s Juneteenth installment. This project was showcased at the Glass Factory in Jacksonville, FL. Additionally, I am thrilled to introduce projects that blend film with creative direction and avant-garde design. These projects will integrate smart fabrics, interactive elements, and cinematically pleasing visuals into short films."

Queen Amina's journey is one of continuous growth, innovation, and community building. By supporting her work and the Wine Down Wednesday initiative, you become part of a movement that celebrates creativity, heritage, and the power of art to bring people together.

Together, we can continue to innovate, inspire, and create a more connected and vibrant community. Support Amina, support innovation, and support the arts.


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Image by Jessica Felicio