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Clifton Cutrary Lands Role In Marvel's 'Luke Cage'

Marvel's Luke Cage, the show that broke the internet by gaining a lot of attention, is in short - about one bad-ass bullet proof brother that protects his community from petty crimes and violence. One young man, CLIFTON CUTRARY was blessed to play the role of the younger Luke Cage, giving him the opportunity to experience his first steps into a very promising career. We had the privelage to connect with CLIFTON and ask him a few questions:

Q: So thank you for agreeing to do this interview. First off, tell us about your background. How did you get into acting?

Well for one, I was born in Atlanta then eventually moved to Brooklyn which is where I was raised for the rest of my childhood. Brooklyn is like a melting pot of almost every culture of color in existence lol. You literally are around West Indians, Africans and Latinos all at the same time, specially in the neighborhood I grew up in "Crown Heights".

I was around a lot of singers, musicians, dancers just a lot of artists in general. Mostly everybody on my mother side of the family either sings, plays an instrument or both. A lot of love, family dinners, and laughs. Even when we weren't financially the most blessed, we chose to be more positive than negative. But, I honestly wouldn't say that led me to act. I mean no one on either side of my family actually acts. One day I was auditioning for a performing arts middle school, and my mom said you should give theater a try. She later told me her reasoning was because I was dramatic child.

Q: Is this the first major production you were featured in? What went through your mind when you found out you'd be apart of Luke Cage?

Yes this is the first major project. When I got the part the first thing that came to my mind was. "One down, time to book some more".

Q: We see you're apart of Shirley Grant Management, how long have you been with them; and how have you grown as an actor since you began?

I've been with Shirley Grant for quite some time now. They've been very supportive helping me further reach my goal in becoming an all time great actor and I mean that with every fiber in my body. I've grown exponentially since I've first started acting. I'm at a place where acting as a character is not playing pretend but more using an extension of myself to bring the character to life. Finding what you and a character have in common.

Q: Has acting always been your passion? If not, what did you want to do before? Do you have any other talents?

Acting for the most part has been the most consistent passion for me since age 11 when I first started in a theater program in middle school. But other talents of mines is that I rap. Writing a song or a spoken word piece is like second to me, cause I always have a lot on mind. Also I'm currently teaching myself how to play piano.

Q: What's the average day like for you?

The average day for me is work, audition, gym. And switch between whether I want to write or practice on the piano, depending on my mood.

Q: How important is your spiritual support in your life? Did your family always support your goals as an actor?

I can honestly say from day one my family supported my dreams as an actor. My family paid for acting classes just so I can hopefully find representation. Not a lot of kids can say that their family were supportive of their dreams. It's very important to me because nobody makes it without support and group of people that believes in your vision. Nobody becomes successful alone.

Q: What was it like on set/behind the scenes of Luke Cage?

To be honest behind the scenes of Luke Cage was like a college course for me. I learned a lot about how a show is ran and about the business in general from just working on Luke Cage. You got a sense that everyone involved had only good intentions for the show. Watching legends like ALFRE WOODARD do what they do best was a sight to see. And MIKE COLTER was truly meant to play Luke Cage.

Q: What genre do you prefer to act in? Do you have a preference?

I have no preference when it comes to a certain genre. A good script is a good script.

"People only see what they choose to see and not what's in front of them. Don't let anyone's perception of you hinder the vision you have for yourself."

You can catch up on Luke Cage via Netflix and Follow Clifton on Instagram: @cliftoncutrary

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