Black Love: The Young and The Restless

Young and in love makes you do some crazy things. The Ann Maries and Yaya Mayweather's of this world are going through the growing pains of being young and making foolish decisions all in the name of love. We've all had our fair share of toxic before we realized, this ain't it! Unfortunately, some lessons have to be learned the hard way.

It's important to do the work through growth and healing. We must truly love ourselves and give the same energy. The more self-love and care you give yourself, the less heartbreaking experiences you will accept from undeserving individuals. You will better be able to identify the red flags from the beginning and call them out before settling into the woes of toxic love.

Ladies and gents, you are the prize! Sometimes we tend to lose sight of the true value and gems we hold. We can be so nurturing, giving more than what is poured into us. We become restless trying to wait on "the one" that we accept whatever feels good at the moment, not realizing the detriment in the long run.

Set the standard in the beginning. There are plenty of people in this world who will value your worth and what you have but you have to set that standard from the beginning. Once you let someone get away with disrespect the first time, they will think it's okay to disrespect you again.

Take Jayda and Lil Baby, for example, poor girl just wanted to love on her man and have faith in their relationship, but because she forgave him before for his public transgressions, he continues to take advantage of her, and not leave, all in the name of 'love'.

...All I know is, that is not the kind of love I want.

During the situation, you always want to see good in the other person, but it's okay to put yourself first. Hold your crown high baby, it's okay to set standards and put your foot down. Demand respect, and those who cannot honor that, do not deserve your time and attention in the first place.

Be the person you seek. People will only treat you the way you allow them to, and the gag is, you've got to stop allowing them to. Choosing violence over peace, only gives others more of your power. Anyone who drains your power and lets the crown fall off your head isn't worth it.

There is so much happiness and joy that can be found in singleness when done correctly. The inner healing, the self-discovery. Becoming a whole person without depending on another to fill your cup, or pick you up when you're down. In order for a relationship to be healthy, and for both parties to get the most out of it, you both need to be the full package.

We all stumble and fall, and the young and restless won't be young and restless forever. We are all human and it's apart of growing pains. You live and you learn, to be better for tomorrow.

Hold your crown ladies and gents, for YOU are the prize!


Rosie Basquin | Blogger & Creative Content Writer |


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