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Amethyst Crystals: Benefits, Healing & Spiritual Properties

Amethyst crystals are one of the most popular and sought-after healing crystals. It has been used for centuries for spiritual and healing purposes. The stone is known to be a powerful protector and is believed to help bring clarity and enhance intuition. They've been known to help alleviate stress and anxiety and promote peace, balance, and harmony.

Amethyst crystals are often used in meditation and healing rituals to help open and heal the chakras. It is believed that amethyst has the ability to open the third eye and crown chakras, allowing one to connect to their higher self and access their intuition. It is also believed that amethyst has the power to open up the spiritual realm and connect one to their spirit guides.

Amethyst crystals can also be used to attract luck and prosperity into one’s life. It is said that the crystal is especially beneficial for those working in the creative arts, as it is believed to promote imagination and inspiration. Amethyst is also known to help one attract more positive energy into their life, leading to a more positive outlook and successful outcomes.

Amethyst stones are also known to help promote spiritual growth. It is believed to be a powerful stone for spiritual exploration and helps one to gain a greater understanding of their life and the universe. When meditating with this crystal, it can help you to become more aware of their inner self and gain an understanding of their true purpose in life.

An Amethyst Crystal Meditation

1. Begin by holding an Amethyst crystal in your dominant hand and allow yourself to clear your mind and relax.

2. Begin to visualize a bright white light all around you that is filled with love and peace.

3. Visualize the Amethyst crystal in your hand beginning to glow with a soft purple light.

4. As you continue to hold the crystal, allow yourself to be filled with the energy of the Amethyst.

5. Think about any areas of your life that need healing and ask the Amethyst for guidance.

6. Feel the Amethyst’s healing energy fill you up and slowly dissolve away any pain or negative energy that is present.

7. Allow the energy of the Amethyst to bring peace and understanding to any situation.

8. When you are ready, slowly open your eyes, taking a few moments to acknowledge the changes that have occurred.

9. Hold the crystal in your hand and thank it for the guidance and healing it has provided.

No matter what you are looking for, amethyst crystals are sure to help you get the most out of your spiritual and healing journey. With its powerful energy, amethyst can help you to open up the spiritual realm and connect to your inner wisdom.


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Image by Jessica Felicio