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4 Simple Ways To Clear Your Mind & Center Your Body

Going through the motions on a day-to-day basis can leave your mind in a fog. This is why regular grounding and clearing work is vital to a blissful experience. Here are a few ways you can clear your mind and recenter yourself daily:

Start Journaling.

Organizing thoughts on paper allows you to understand your mind on a deeper level. Reflect on emotions and experiences by writing at least once a day. Use some journal prompts to help get your ideas flowing. *This can also be done as a dream journal.

Reaching the breakthrough you're looking for starts within.

Practice New Breathing Techniques.

Deep and focused breathing can shift your vibration, literally and when done on a consistent basis, it creates a foundation for strong emotional intelligence. When combined with meditation and journaling, this practice can be quite powerful.

Breathing exercises don’t have to take hours at a time. If you set aside a few moments every day for conscious breathing, you will see a difference. Start with 7 minutes daily, slowly increase the time as the practice becomes easier. On the days you are pressed for time, aim to do just 2 minutes.

Take A Bath

My favorite thing in the world is a good bath. Whether it be a spiritual bath or just a good old fashion bubble bath, I love to soak in the waters and reflect. Select your favorite essential oils, add Epsom salts and submerge yourself in the healing power of water. Play some calming music and let yourself relax.

Being In Nature

I've always enjoyed the great outdoors. Hiking and gardening truly bring me a sense of peace. To allow nature's natural healing powers in, dig your hands in the dirt, lay on your back, or mediate up against a tree. Let your stress and worries flow out of your body and transmute into the earth. You can also take a mud bath at your local spa.

These are a few ways (by no means limited to this list) of how you can simply reset your mind and body. How do you rebalance? Comment down below and let us know!



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Image by Jessica Felicio