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Your Personal Year: What 2018 Has In Store For You

For many people, 2017 was a year of self growth and revelation. A lot of us were pushed into leadership roles - if not given new forms of responsibility all together. As the year 2017 has come to an end and we usher in the 'New Year, New Me' quotes; let's stop to reflect on what that really means (and how we can mentally begin to shift our minds for 2018).


#PersonalYear numbers deal with #Numerology and how specific numeric #vibrations influence a person, dictating the overall theme for the year. From year one to year nine, there are specific themes that will reoccur throughout the year (in addition to person month influences.)

To figure out what your personal year is, take your birth month and birth day, then add them together with the current year. For example: if you were born on February 3rd, you would add the month (2), the date (3) and the year in question. For now we will focus on the year, 2018.

February 3, 2018 breaks down as 2 + 3 + 2 + 1 + 8 = 16. We then reduce the answer down to a single digit. 16 becomes 1 + 6 = 7. So you would be entering a personal year 7, dealing with rest, reflection, and going within. Once you've figured out your personal year number. look below for a brief summary of what what lies ahead.


This is the year of new #beginnings, #individuality and the initiation of new projects. Because your previous year nine cycle dealt with completion, endings and the irrefutable feeling of taking your life to the next level - now you have the opportunity to turn a new leaf or start an adventure!

Set new intentions for the journey ahead. Think about some of those long term goals you've been putting off. Now is a great time to set a plan in motion towards the life and career you've always wanted. Even if you are already well on your way, this is a good year to refresh your sense of independence in the world. Get out there and put your best foot forward!

Learn more about yourself. Your sense of courage will be tested this year. Do you REALLY know what you want? What does success and happiness look like to you? Take time to explore the things you are passionate about, it may turn out to be the life change you've been needing. Read more on personal year one here.

PERSONAL YEAR TWO: Genuine Connection

This year is all about love, patience and intimate connection - and learning how to collaborate with others. It may seem like things are moving slow this year but it's for good reason. The universe is giving you an opportunity to pause, reflect and connect.

Focus on cultivating meaningful #relationships within your tribe. Don't just send the occasional text or email, aim to have more frequent and genuine conversation with those you care for. This is also an amazing year for business networking but take things slow. Remember this is all about connections, don't put too much pressure on new professional relationships.

Take your #intimate life to new heights. If you are single, this is a great year to get to know someone on an intimate level and possibly meet "the one". If you are already in a relationship, you may find yourself taking your romantic and emotional bond to a new level. Make sure to make time for your significant others needs and make them feel supported. More on personal year two here.

PERSONAL YEAR THREE: Creating & Expressing

This is a year for #creativity, self #development and #expression. Things will pick up pace compared to the previous year two, however be sure to set specific goals so you do not burn yourself out trying to do a little bit of everything.

Take center stage. No more excuses! This is your year to #create and #express. Paint a canvas, write and record a new album. If you’re an actress, dancer, musician, or any type of performance artist, the #energy of this year supports moving forward in a positive direction when you take yourself and your #talents seriously. Submerge yourself in #art and beauty and this year will prove to be fruitful.

Be honest, period. It's okay that you don't agree with all your friends and family members. As long as your honesty comes from a place of love AND courage - you will be fine. The highs and lows this year will leave you thinking about what's important and where your values stand. More on personal year three here.

PERSONAL YEAR FOUR: Building & Organizing

Personal year four is about #organization, hard work and laying down lasting #foundations. This might be somewhat of a slower year, but don't overlook any details. Revisit projects you set aside and truly commit to your goals.

Solid foundations mean EVERYTHING. You wouldn't build a house on a mudslide. This year is about making sure the basis of your work and world is solidified in order to build and progress. Review your plans to see exactly what you need to focus your energy on. If you are an entrepreneur, it may be time to get your operations in order. As far as your personal life goes, this is a good year to get more serious about family savings and consolidating your assets. More on personal year four here.

PERSONAL YEAR FIVE: Freedom & Change

This year is all about #freedom and #adventure. Bloom into your creative and loving self! You find joy and happiness in the freedom from expressing your true divine nature. The vibration of the number five resonates with change, #flexibility and creativity.

Have the time of your life! Live life on the edge this year (though not too close lol) and step outside of your normal routine. Dive in to all the new social opportunities to #expandyourbrand, network and creative community. Be open to frequent and swift change this year, although if you are more of the flexible person you will enjoy this year a lot.

The personal year five presents wonderful #opportunities and #perspective. This may require a lot of communication, which is good because you will need to work on this quality this year. Good communication will help to launch your career or make a relationship stronger. Start off by developing healthy communication with yourself by keeping a daily journal so you can monitor your thoughts and personal #growth. More on personal year five here.

PERSONAL YEAR SIX: Nurturing & Family

Personal year six brings our focus back to #family, #home, and divine #responsibility. The energy of number six tests your sense of idealism, particularly when it comes to relationships.

Surprise! New responsibilities. This can be anything from a wedding, graduation, birth of a baby, a loved one’s health crisis, or any other unusual family event. The key is to participate in the way that makes you feel good, less stressed or pressured into things. Take on the responsibility without feeling resentment. Or take on the responsibility if you have a tendency to avoid it.

Home takes a front seat. Have you been thinking about remodeling your home or moving all together? This is the perfect time to beautify your home on any level. As far as your career goes — it’s a “make or break” time for business. More on personal year six here.

PERSONAL YEAR SEVEN: Reflection & Evaluation

The personal year seven is about #rest, healing and #reflection. Much needed healing can take place this year because you feel more drawn to a deeper spiritual connection, and to your truth. As you reflect on the past six years and your experiences, much #introspection may be needed in order to reach a fuller potential. Healing yourself can take a lot of energy and you may find you need to take resting periods away from others to process the inner changes that are taking place.

You can find that the previous year six’s efforts pay off handsomely during this 7 year, not just in terms of your personal growth but materially too. You may gain a qualification which enables you to earn more money, receive a raise or promotion, or buy a new house or car. Your relationships may blossom too: perhaps you get married, have a child or decide to live with your partner. More on personal year seven here.


This year is all about material enrichment and #focus. There is opportunity to find yourself possibly making more money, starting a new job, or even engaging yourself in an entrepreneurial endeavor that pays off very well.

Have respect for yourself. Dive into your strengths this year, and you will be able to receive the rewards of your hard work. Be an advocate what you believe in, and don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself in order to be monetarily comfortable. With a personal year eight, you will notice all of your material needs lining up nicely. All you have to do is take control, stay organized and focus so things work out positively. More on personal year eight here.

PERSONAL YEAR NINE: Completion & Transformation

Finally, you've reached the personal year nine. This is the year a cycle is ending. You will seek your own answers to all the questions left open in your life. Now's the time to rid yourself of doubts. You solve problems through #reflection and #introversion. Don't start any new ventures this year. You will have to be careful about your ambitions, avoid any and all kind of risks. If you have spent the last few years developing your project, you may see it through. Since this is a year of completion, some projects may be finalized this year. More on personal year nine here.

When we begin to understand the way personal years and cycles work, we can better navigate through our life lessons - and set goals reflective of this growth. Life is like the ocean, you get where you're going faster when you go with the flow. I hope this post helps you to better understand what 2018 has in store for you and how to navigate your reality using #Numerology!



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Image by Jessica Felicio