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#UpNext: ScoopTV Always In Grind Mode

One thing is for sure, Pittsburgh's black businesses and brands are in full grind mode. From event planning to music... boutique shops, dance studios, and even media vlogs - the grind never stops. And you can't talk about branding and media without #ScoopTV in the conversation.

I got the chance to meet Scoop at a community event - first impression, bright personality, yet super down to earth. As he says "I'm always working" which come to think of it, I've never seen him without a camera or mic in his hand lol. The work ethic is insane. I was so grateful to be able to ask him a few questions about his business:

#ScoopTV is a platform for local artists and businesses promoting their particular specialty with the intention to expand their business or music.

"I started this business because there are so many people in the world convinced that working a full time job for the rest of their life will make them financially free. I want to encourage people that your creativity, passion and work ethic will make you the most money. I interview people, sell merch and also provide photography and videography services."

Let's talk projects and collaborations, what's new?

I have a collaboration with Anthony’s locker in #Lawrenceville. I’m doing a pop up shop with both of our merchandise for sale. We also will feature performances from up and coming artist. That's one of my main projects that I am currently working on. Our event will be held at 4314 Butler Street Pittsburgh, PA 15201 on July 28th. Come through and support!

Scoop with reality star Erica Mena

How many episodes deep are you into the vlog ? Which is your favorite and what is it like behind the scenes?

I’m in my 20th episode, I think my favorite episode so far was the baby Jway interview I did. The reason why I say his was my favorite interview because I haven’t interviewed anyone that young before... and at his age he is very intelligent and articulates very well . He had a lot to speak on. Behind the scenes is pretty chill. I like to get to know the person I interview before hand , I ask them a few questions and tell them to take their time when answering because we all mess up lol .

Do you work solo or with a team?

Most of the work is done by me ,I have a promotion team that helps me promote things , and a partnership with Anthony’s locker . I do most of my interviews in his shop .

When did you get your start in media? What’s your vision for the future?

I just turned 20 years old I was a sophomore in college when I found #SCOOPTV. I want to expand #Scooptv into a network with other different creatives to have a even bigger platform to advertise their business on a larger scale .

Did you have the same goals then as you do now?

No I wasn’t sure what I was doing at first , I was kind of winging it having fun for the most part .

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Image by Jessica Felicio