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Slutty Vegan Founder Filed Trademark To Run Business In The Metaverse

As businesses and influencers evolve their brands to keep up with the future, more companies have jumped at the opportunity to create their unique presence in Web3. Slutty Vegan’s founder Aisha “Pinky” Cole has recently filed a trademark application to run her business in the Metaverse, a virtual reality that connects aspects of the digital and physical worlds.

Slutty Vegan is a Black woman-owned vegan restaurant that launched in 2018 in Atlanta to offer better vegan options and food awareness to the community.

As reported by Atlanta Business Journal, Aisha filed trademark documents to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to prepare for entrance into the virtual world. The trademarks are to cover areas like online retail services, virtual eats and drinks, and online ordering for take-out and delivery. Additional trademark coverage includes mobile apps, loyalty programs, and virtual rewards that will be available virtually and in reality.

Slutty Vegan has 5 different locations in Atlanta, Birmingham, Alabama, and New York City, so you can see that restaurant owner Aisha Cole is no stranger to expanding her business. Franchises like McDonald’s and Panera Bread already filed trademark applications to launch virtual restaurants in the metaverse early this year.

It was all a dream for Pinky Cole, CEO and Founder of The Slutty Vegan. Bringing vegan options and food awareness to Atlanta’s West End has always been a life dream for her; and October 2018, that very well became a reality. About 3 months later, a crowd of 1,200 gathered outside the restaurant in 45-degree weather for the grand opening.

Learn more about The Slutty Vegan here.



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Image by Jessica Felicio