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All Hail The Hips: A Stylish, Sexy & Affordable Brand for All Body Types

Fashion has always been a passion for the boutique owner and creative director Gabrielle Davis. When covid hit, the mental image of working for someone became more and more distorted. Many Americans, including Davis, were laid off - forcing them to recalibrate their daily routines and lifestyles.

In the summer of 2020, Gabby made the leap into creative entrepreneurship marking the beginning of a very successful venture: All Hail The Hips, a sexy, stylish & affordable clothing brand for all body types.

The 'Destination: Anywhere' collection was a personal favorite of Gabrielle's. Even when it's cold in your city, it's warm somewhere in the world. This collection will make anyone feel excited about a trip they haven't even scheduled! When asked about how she wants to impact her audience:

"I want them to accentuate and celebrate their curves! There is no one "right" way to look. I want them to embrace themselves through my clothing," - Gabrielle Davis, owner of All Hail The Hips. "The main goal is for my customers to feel beautiful and empowered!"

All Hail The Hips hosts frequent pop-up shops to bring beautiful, high-quality clothing directly to their customers at affordable prices. In addition to pop-up events and the stunning Stew Frink collaboration, Gabrielle also curates personal shopping events for a more thrifty vibe and experience. Recycling fashion is very important to Davis, as she does her part to help protect the environment. As fashion is everchanging, so is the vision for All Hail The Hips. Ultimately, Gabrielle wants to provide high-quality pieces at affordable prices for she/they/bae of any and all sizes.

"I take inspiration usually from one signature piece in my collection and then shop around that piece for accentuating fashion. Then once I have a collection, I name and brand it! I do not have a style. I go with my gut. If I like a purse, a shoe, or a statement piece - I buy it without thought. I will style around anything!"

Fashion is very dog eat dog. In wholesale, larger sizes are limited, the styles are boring and it's more expensive. It is an uphill battle against industry but Gabrielle Davis has made it her mission to defeat these norms and provide quality and quantity for the #HippieHoneys - no matter how long it takes!

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Image by Jessica Felicio