Remembering What's Important During This Pandemic

We're living in a time of great change and uncertainty. Many of us are wondering if this nightmare will ever end. Between online media and news outlets pushing imagery constantly reminding us of our fate; and our own endless thoughts - it's easy to get consumed in fear. Nevertheless there are many important things to remember during this time.

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1. Counting Your Blessings

Sometimes it takes getting knocked out of our comfort zones to remember all the things in our lives we have to pull ourselves back together. Being grateful for what (and who) you have is a powerful way to transform your thoughts and energy during this unprecedented time. If you need to, physically make a list of all the blessings and privileges you have in life. Remind yourself that it could be a lot worse and to be humble.

2. Giving Back Helps Others More Than You Know

You never know how making a small donation of food, funds or clothing can help someone right now. So many people lost jobs, some never had homes and most have to cut down on food. Families and young children depended on schools to feed them. Making a contribution to someone in need can go a long way.

3. Only Take What You Need

One of the biggest concerns many families and individuals have been facing was the issue of the things they needed going out of stock - and fast. Local stores and business began to put labels and signs reminding people to be considerate and not take more than you need. Some, unfortunately, got greedy and bought tons of daily necessities just to resell them for ridiculously higher prices online. This should be common sense, however don't take more than you need. Remember that people are already short on finances and other daily needs, be a decent human being and spare the next person the worry.

4. Rest. Rest. Rest.

This one is simple and the universe has a funny way of making us slow down as people and as humanity.

To focus on what's important you must allow yourself to rest and regenerate your energy. Don't feel bad for sleeping a little later or taking that nap. Your body deserves to take a pause every so often.

5. Revisiting That Thing You Love

Remember that song you were writing or that art project you started? This is a great time to tap into more of your creative power and abilities. To avoid becoming a couch potato right now, find something you love to do and submerge yourself in it. Write that book (or chapter). Design that clothing line. Decorate that extra bedroom. The key is finding what ignites your fire within and letting it run wild.

6. Strategizing & Planning For The Future

When you have time to rest and revisit your real goals and dreams, you can clearly plan for the future and what life may be like for you after COVID19. You can envision a future better prepared for these types of shifts and you can turn your passion into some sort of mobile business. Making a list of the things you want to accomplish and turning them into a simple step by step plan is a great way to maximize your time.

7. Keeping A Journal and Self Care Kits

The most important relationship you can have next to the one between you and the Most High is the one with yourself. You can't help anyone until you help yourself. You can't love anyone until you love yourself.

Journaling is a very therapeutic way to care for yourself, observe personal growth and keep track of your self love routines. I love to keep my favorite essential oil and bath combinations in mine. Sometimes I even write down powerful moments I have with myself throughout the day.

8. Eat As Healthy As Possible

Now more than ever is time to boost your immune system and internal health. Health is wealth and food is either medicine or poison. Now I won't pretend I don't eat carrot cake from time to time, but it's imperative to eat cleaner today and everyday. Read this post about 7 foods that naturally boost your immune health.

9. Check On Friends And Family, Give Someone A Call

We may be social distancing, but that doesn't mean we have to distance ourselves socially. Check on your friends, call your grands, and even host an online happy hour! Make sure your people with no family in the area know they have someone thinking of them nearby.

10. Make A Sacred Space Or Sanctuary of Peace

I understand this is fairly hard if you have a bunch of people in your house or you have many children but it's important to have a space for "you time"

Even if you have to wait for nap time or dinner time, disappear and make room for personal intimacy. Meditate, burn candles or just relax uninterrupted.

There are many things to be mindful of during this time, and even though it's a sad and scary time for many of us, it doesn't have to be all bad and gloomy. Remember to take care of yourself, rest, revisit your passions and give back as often as you can. In what ways are you using this time to be at home? Comment below.

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