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Pittsburgh Emcee Uses Music to Elevate Black & Indigenous Culture

Jamar Hubbs, a talented Emcee and University of Pittsburgh graduate began his hip-hop journey back in 2010. Annihilating the mic under the stage name Hubbs, he began perfecting his craft by dropping verses on the mixtapes of other local rappers.

Source: Hubbs / Bandcamp

Hubbs continued to shine and expand his fanbase in 2011 when he blazed a track with Beedie on DJ Drastik's Sole II Soul Mixtape Back To Reality. The tape had prominent features from lyricists like B. White, Beedie, Shad Black, Franchise, and Jon Quest. A track called "Happy" featuring Beedie was produced by New York-based producer Git Beats, who's been credited for working with Wu-Tang, RZA, Digable Planets, and many others.

A friendship developed quickly as Hubbs reflects on the creative chemistry that sparked every time they entered the studio. "We developed a synergy working together," said Hubbs. The creative flow was mad organic and the music Git Beats and Hubbs created together remains pure to this sentiment.

The talented and thought-provoking rapper has been lacing Black and Indigenous heritage throughout his most recent works. Most of his latest depictions of art have drawn light to black "afro/negro" or melanin-rich individuals and our foundations as Ethiopian, Moorish, and Hebrew descendants. He believes it's a necessary piece of history that deserves a highlight in its own right.

"At heightened levels, as what I see as necessary communication, within the social/cultural implications of the constructed identities that have manifested unprecedented burdens, within our history in US culture, as indigenous Americans, and ultimately as descendants of “Nubia”. - Hubbs

Hubbs believes we need this level of insight to navigate peace, liberty, love, community, and overall well-being. Creatively filtering this theme over his last few albums, as well as within the Modern Vintage Pgh clothing brand, in its reflective designs is a contribution to the overall peace, harmony, and justice of all the living things on this planet.

Hubbs x TheBeeShine

Hubbs can be followed at @itsHubbs and @MVPghPA on Twitter, and @itshubbs and @modernvintagepgh on Instagram; Facebook: MV Pgh, and also both the HUBBS group as well as artist page.


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Image by Jessica Felicio