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Melanin On The Map: An App Dedicated to Travelers of Color Looking to Edify Their World

Producer, Journalist, and Founder of travel app 'Melanin On The Map,' Ashley McDonough is a first-generation American whose roots descend from the Caribbean islands. Very early on, she learned the importance of culture, travel, and exploring on a global scale.

A world traveler, having been to over 10 countries by the age of 25, McDonough couldn't help but notice the lack of people of color in many of her travels and made it her mission to change that. By launching Melanin On The Map, the FIRST travel app dedicated to minority travelers, McDonough aims to create a safe space for people of color looking for information, affordable travel, and ways to turn their passion for travel into a paycheck. To learn more, visit their website.

The Global Business Directory

Being that several businesses have been severely impacted by Covid-19, the Global Business Directory launched on June 1st, 2020, helping black-owned businesses recover. Serving as a hub of information, The Melanin On The Map Global Business Directory highlights travel agents, tour companies, and small businesses WORLDWIDE directly through our mobile application.

Through our GPS locator, your business would be shared with an audience of over 20,000 travel enthusiasts to have direct access to, from EVERY country in the world. The Melanin Business Directory highlights your website, phone number, email, and any other promotions exclusive to your business in efforts to bring revenue and awareness back into your company.

Download the FREE app available in all iOS Apple and Android app stores. 



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Image by Jessica Felicio