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Black Girls Write, Too!

I am here for the #blackgirlmagic. Black women stepping into the roles they were called to be. Authors, writers, and healers of the world. With your words, you touch souls. You give others the courage to keep going. When in doubt, you are the hearts of the community birthing generations of legends and leaders.

Black women continue to push past the odds and uplift one another - we motivate each other to keep going. I am so proud of us black girls. You and me, you see, we were told to keep our tails tucked between our legs and fit in. Keep our heads down and try to be unseen, in a room where we do not fit in. NO! We are taking back our power. We are standing bold, being resilient, doing what hasn't been done before. We are multifaceted queens getting the damn thing done. So hats off to us! For negating the status quo and striving to be all that we can be.

I’d like to highlight a few fellow writing warriors, who have helped me in some way along my own journey through their words and perseverance. Leading me from past experiences and wisdom, thank you for always giving me the advice that you didn't even know another black girl like me needed.

Curate Pretty- Beauty’s Daughter

Life and love for women who want to live and thrive.

Words Can Sing Too- L.M Reynolds

An author with a vision, creating worlds to thrive in.

Author Tia B.

Step into her creative mind! Author of Mental Beloved.

A special thank you to my entire Black Girls Write Too facebook girl gang. For always uplifting me, giving me advice, sharing my dirty little writing secrets. You gals are my safe space, where I can share my words and my thoughts. I thank you all for your support, some of my very first subscribers. Your wisdom and gems, your writing critiques. For checking in, always encouraging and supporting one another, to push each other to keep writing because it is what we love. Keep on striving girls, we are going places! Climbing up the ladder of success, not letting the status quo hold us back. Black Girls Write, too!

A special note: #BreonnaTaylor you deserved better. We will live to forever tell your story, shout your legacy, as black women, we will continue to push through for you.


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