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Meet Kamia Ri: The Ultimate Creative & Beautician

Step into the world of Kamia Ri, the multi-talented model and entrepreneur who is breaking barriers and inspiring others. From battling low self-esteem to becoming a confident and successful model, Kamia shares her journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

photos by: @shotbymarsell on IG

She doesn't stop there – she also runs Cici's Beauty Vault, a one-stop shop for all beauty needs, and teaches classes to help aspiring entrepreneurs find their own path. Her advice for creatives? Stop seeking validation and stay true to yourself. Kamia's story is one of liberation, creativity, and the power of self-confidence. Get ready to be inspired!

What inspired you to be a model? Tell us about your other businesses and brands you've created.

I was tired of having low self-esteem, there were times I would hide my face and would dread ever having to leave my house without makeup. Being so insecure gave me intense social anxiety and affected me every day so I used modeling to overcome it. It was something I’d shears wanted to do and never thought I could.

My brand Cici’s Beauty Vault is a one-stop shop. I provide lash extensions as well as hair and nail services. I also teach classes to help other entrepreneurs and/or individuals looking to perfect their craft along their journey!

What advice would you give to aspiring creatives?

The best advice I can give to any auditing creatives at this point in my growth is to stop seeking validation. Art is subjective and everyone won’t like yours. As an artist your creations are your world and your expression so everything is perfect the way you see that it is. Being authentic is the best way to attract an audience that supports who you are, and what you’re about, and it relieves you of the stress of bowing to others' opinions.

As a model and aspiring creative, how life has your life changed?

As a model and creative, I feel liberated and I’m less distracted. Modeling gave me the confidence I needed to not care about being liked or understood. So now I can be free enough to create things that are uninfluenced and be myself without being under pressure. I also gained the confidence the walk away from relationships that aren’t nurturing.

Many people think modeling is just about style and makeup. What’s your take on this?

I don’t agree with the idea that makeup is solely about style and makeup. Modeling is an expressive, interactive, and empowering art.

What's your formula for building a solid brand?

My formula for building a solid brand is ambition, organization, and a positive attitude. You have to be dedicated and maintain the drive to keep growing. Your attitude is essential in that because it’s easy to be mentally defeated when you don’t trust that you’re on the right path. Staying organized will keep you at a steady pace in your growth and groom you as a professional.

What would you like to advice to those who lack confidence?

Something I’d say to people who lack confidence is that you’re probably your own greatest setback and will continue to be until you decide that enough is enough. Low self-esteem will cause you to out yourself and miss golden opportunities if you let it. You may have to put yourself on autopilot just to overcome your nerves but stop missing chances anything is better than missing out. Even if you are sure that you’ll fail, try. Allow yourself the grace to not be perfect starting out and keep trying. Trust the process.

photos by: @shotbymarsell on IG

Favorite photographer?

My favorite photographer right now is Marsell Basi. He is the most attentive photographer that I’ve ever worked with and I receive my raw images within 48hrs.

Tell us about your favorite project you were a part of, what made it amazing?

My favorite project was actually a rebranding shoot I did for my brand! I love creative lash looks especially because it’s seldom I have the opportunity to do them so I customized one of my signature sets for my model and we had a lot of fun filming.

How do you incorporate wellness and spirituality into your daily practice?

I incorporate wellness and spirituality into my practice daily prioritizing my health and my clients’ using proper techniques to ensure that natural lashes, nails, and hair are healthy before and after a service.

I use tools that aid me in this like my saddle chair, for example, takes the stress off of my back while lashing or doing nails. The Vault is of very high integrity. I have responsive customer service and a 'positivity policy' in place to maintain a respectful and relaxing environment.

Do you have a morning routine for success?

To start my day off right my morning routine begins with music, something soft and relaxing that makes me happy. I listen to trust as I get ready for the day freshening up and making sure the studio I reset for my first client.

Favorite makeup brands?

My current favorite makeup brands would have to be Black Opal and Juvia’s Place. Black Opal has a wide selection of rich foundations for POC and I live for the bold pigments in the eyeshadow palettes by Juvia’s Place.

What other creative lanes do you hope to explore?

Some other creative avenues I’m interested in right now are fashion design and sculpting.

What legacy do you hope to leave behind for future generations to come?

I’d like to be someone who has inspired people to find the freedom that I did by becoming confident. I would like to help liberate people from everyday limitations that would otherwise stop them from reaching their full potential and I’d like to do that by chasing mine and sharing my story showing them that it can be done.


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Image by Jessica Felicio