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Meet Afrodite, Afro-Latina Musician and Media Host

With four years of experience in the music industry, Afrodite began her journey in Philadelphia while studying at Temple University. Known for her versatility, captivating stage presence, and charisma - Afrodite's energy has made her a sought-after talent in the industry artist and media host alike. As a host for EBN TV, her interviews can be seen on the SheaRealBad channel on Roku and YouTube.

Beyond the music, Afrodite produces safe spaces for creatives to network, express themselves, and grow. In 2019, she began hosting events that provided opportunities for aspiring artists to promote their art, network, and connect with other creatives. More recently, Afrodite hosted The Experience orange carpet event, presenting awards to rising talent including Journey Montana and Scar Lip.

A rising star from Brooklyn, New York, Afrodite released her debut project, “Growing Pains,” in early May 2023. The project is a dynamic yet powerful representation of this 20-something Afro-Latina's perseverance, audacity, and charisma. Afrodite hosted her launch party for “Growing Pains” on May 7th, where fans had the opportunity to experience the full project. The party was a celebration of Afrodite’s achievements and her continued growth as an artist.

“Growing Pains” is a melodic journey exploring major themes within Afrodite's life including her struggles with love, self-discovery, and transformation. Through music, she hopes to inspire her fans to introspect and embrace their own unique path confidently in the face of uncertainty. The project is a reflection of Afrodite's growth as an artist and as a person. She hopes listeners will be able to recognize what's important to her and connect with her as she continues on her journey as a creative.

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Afrodite for an exclusive interview:

Where are you from and how did you get started in music?

I'm from Brooklyn, NY. I grew up in Bedstuy and Flatbush. My parents were separated and I would stay between my mom and dad's house. I actually started off as a poet, frequenting many open mics until my friends convinced me to pursue music. A lot of my work already had a melodic flow to it, so it was a natural evolution. So one day during a set I debuted my first song and got a really great response. I kept going from that moment.

What motivates you to keep creating?

Honestly, this past year or so I've been experiencing a lot of changes and shifts in my life. I feel like I create to kinda express myself and my feelings. I also use art to talk about the things I see in the world. Everyday life inspires me to keep creating. Whether is a conversation or something I hear or see - I'll journal about it and turn it into art. Creating is a habit at this point - its like breathing.

How do you feel creators and artists contribute to society?

I feel like creatives provoke thought and dialogue, you know? When you think of visual art or like murals you see, they bring people together. Music connects people together who may have never connected before.

How do you feel the state of art or music is reflecting about society right now?

It's gone in such a (weirdly) interesting direction now and I feel like some of the mainstream music that's coming out now is weird in a sense that everyone is trying to be what they think they should be, it doesn't feel as authentic as it used to be, you know what I mean? Everyone is trying to fit a mold and persona. I've really resonated a lot with the underground community for this very reason, I wish more artists felt free to be true to their art and unique voice.

How does that impact aspiring creators?

For me, it makes me question myself at times. The first thing that people say to me when they experience my art is that it's very different. They're like 'oh she's different, she sounds different" which is cool I don't mind that. I'm glad that I don't sound like everyone else - but I think sometimes before sharing my stuff I wonder if people will be receptive. It doesn't sound like what's on the radio or what's trending within the drill community.

I feel like when you create something very unique like that, there's always the question of whether people are going to like it - but it can also be seen as an opportnity to be different, push the mold and do something different. I always feel grateful to connect with people who resonate with my music and celebrate my artistry.

Who are your favorite artists right now? Who would you love to collab with?

So, I have artists that I absolutely love. The music I listen to honestly changes a lot as I go because I try to celebrate, discover and support new music. I listen to new artists everyday especially underground and things like that. I do have my top main features you can never go wrong with - of course SZA, Drake, you can't go wrong with Missy Elliott. But then theres people I love that are new age like SABA, Smino, I really would love to work with Doechii, Rico Nasty, the list goes on. My taste is very diverse when it comes to sound.

When's your favorite time to create?

I'd say at the end of the day. At whatever point that is. Once I've decompressed and can really process my experience for the day, I can create. It's always better than first thing in the morning when I still have so many things to do and prepare for. My mind is a lot more clear by the end of the day. I can put my phone on DND and not feel rushed in my process.

How do you make space for your creativity?

Honestly, it takes a lot of pep talks and self-encouragement. It's constant reminders to myself of what and who I do it for. Remembering what it felt like before it was about business and career goals, just the love of the craft. That helps me to propel forward in my creative power. I also treat and respect creation as a form of therapy. Knowing that it has both healing and transformative power.

You recently hosted a release party for your latest album, tell us about the experience.

Yes, so I had a release party for my project titled 'Growing Pains'. I had been working on that for about 3 years now, so it was a time coming and it was really cool to finally put it out in the world and I got an amazing response from my supporters and community. Friends and family came out, new fans and supporters came through. It was such a beautiful vibe.

What's your favorite part about putting together the project?

My favorite part was creating it. Recording and coming up with the themes. Turning a simple message into full though provoking songs. The studio sessions, recording and documenting it - it was a really fun experience. Putting my thoughts and feelings into something that others can feel too.

What feeling do you want to invoke when people reflect on your legacy?

I want to invoke a feeling of fearlessness, courage and willingness to take risks. No matter what you're experiencing, good or bad, I want people to be courageous enough to be transparent in their truth - to talk about what they feel within themselves when they are alone or going through the motions of life. I want people to have pride in being authentic.

Afrodite is the CEO of her event curating company, AFRODUCTIONS. From Philadelphia to NYC, her events have allowed creatives to come together in community to support and encourage their passions. Afrodite offers additional services like hosting, staffing, and stage management for events. This has allowed her to expand her network while building a strong foundation of support.

For more information on Afrodite and her upcoming project, “Growing Pains,” please visit her links or follow her on social media.



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Image by Jessica Felicio