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LaKeith Stanfield Asks Ari Lennox On A Date On Instagram Live

Self Isolation got many of us feeling lonely, at least that can be said about Ari Lennox who hosted an Instagram Live video while observing the #StayAtHome movement. She mentioned to her viewers about the lack of love in her life while sipping her wine:

"I was just sitting there shedding tears, thinking of my goddamn love life and how exceedingly non-existent, how it's just a pitiful mess,"

As she gushed over romance movies like the Photograph, she received a surprise comment from one of the stars of the film, LaKeith Stanfield. He thanked her for her review of the movie leaving a rose emoji. After hearing how sad Lennox was to have to watch the movie solo, Stanfield asked her on a date.Can you be my date? Let’s go,” he wrote during her live stream.

Ari Lennox then responded, “LaKeith…I don’t have time for this right now. Cause I… Wait. You’re joking,” she said. “I don’t have…no. We’re changing the subject because I heard some things…”. She quickly tried to change the subject and show her fans around her home studio but Ari was clearly flustered. Lennox has been open about her attraction to LaKeith, so that had to have caught her off guard.

Watch the video:

Now fans are speculating, if he's shooting his shot, does that mean LaKeith Stanfield and Xosha Roquemore broke up?? We need answers! Leave a comment below:




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Image by Jessica Felicio


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