Krizia's Book of Life: Prologue

Welcome Nubians!

I'm Krizia Isamar Bruno, a Brooklyn writer stationed in Pittsburgh, PA. I'm introducing a monthly column called "Krizia's Book of Life," where each month I provide you (my fellow millennials) a nifty, all-in-one guide on maintaining a life worth living. Upcoming guides include: indoor gardening, self-care, relationships, woman's health, and much more. In addition, you can expect to find infographics available for my visual learners out there. This prologue will be your guide to get to know me, the author of this column.

The Basics:

  • Birthday: March 3rd

  • Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

  • Ethnicity: Afro-Latinx Dominican.

  • Witch vibes: Divination is my favorite

  • Favorite color: Purple

  • Hobbies: Dancing, cooking/baking, MMORPG video games like Skyrim, traveling, and gardening

  • Publications: Pussy Magic, Sage the Collective

  • Pets: Shiloh the Shih-tzu & Vladamir the Black Cat *** technically not my cat, but I live with him and I love him.

  • Website:

Works in Progress?

I'm currently working on two manuscripts. First is Omniscient, a fiction novella following the spiritual journey of Orella Soliz, a college student who struggles to do well in school, to understand her traditional hispanic family, and to connect with the God she's been taught to worship. My second WIP has no title yet, but it is a collection of prose and poetry translated in Spanish and English. The pieces contain strong elements of mysticism and identity.

Types of Divination?

Divination has captivated my attention since I was 6 years old and would find myself in the occult section at the local library. The first form of divination I learned was pendulums. Since, I've been learning a lot about all the different types of Divination over at Magically Bree's Facebook Study group. Now, I feel comfortable performing tarot readings to my friends and family.

Sample poem?

Rainbow Sherbet sunsets that taste of Orange Creamsicle  on Earths shortest day. She meets him at  the bodega with the  Blue-eyed cat, to sip on bubbles.

I want to learn more about you.

Here is an about me template. Post on your instastory and tag @nubianimpulse and @kriziaisamar!

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