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Juju: The Web Series Is About Black Millennial Witches, And It's Genius.

Juju: The Web Series brings a refreshing tale of sisterhood, love, ancestral magic, heritage, and the qualms of being a Black [millennial] woman in America-- all while being a witch. 

Just like many young adults today, these three ladies go through the exhausting process of trying to balance their insanity with sanity when it comes to 'adulting'. Nonetheless, for these beautiful babes, their 'adulting' has a paranormal twist:  hook-ups with sexy vampires (yum!), stepping over to the dark side (because… fun), and pissing off Salem descendants (oof).

Three different worlds and three different cultures. Their fate was by design as they are descendants from the first Yoruba witches in their family; three sisters who were the most powerful witches on Earth. On the night of Ally’s (the baby of the group) 28th birthday,  a curse was lifted, causing these three witches to be reborn-- unbeknownst to them.

Moon Ferguson is a New York-based screenwriter and filmmaker from South Florida. From the age of 7, she's used writing and storytelling as a way to escape her traumatic childhood. This led to her wrapping herself and indulging in worlds created on television and in film. It was an escape.

"I wanted to see a world of Black supernaturals. So I created one.” - Moon Ferguson

She creates complex, yet admirable, characters and thought-provoking plots while building worlds upon worlds. Moon attending film school at Miami Dade College in Miami, Florida and then continued her education for Screenwriting at Southern New Hampshire University. Her goal is to open up the platform for Black leads and Black filmmakers in the sci-fi/fantasy world-- and to created jobs for the marginalized people.



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Image by Jessica Felicio