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I Opened My Heart & Received Rose Quartz

I'm a lover of all things mother nature, including her sacred stones. So you could imagine my face when I was randomly gifted with rose quartz last night.

I went out with my good friend Chardae for some good music and drinks. I wanted to break my normal routine. I've become a homebody since I've had children and in that developed a fear that I had to isolate myself and create this seperate life from the world. When I explored it during meditation, I realized this was a coping mechanism to run away from my dreams. Knowing I can do something big for myself and the responsibility that entails.

Over the past few years I had grown accustomed to my comfort zone, and at each lesson misread as a problem, I realized that was my ancestors and my spirit guides forcing me out of this box. I feared connection with the unknown and people who challenged my self awareness. It was stagnency and I fed it. But as of recently, things have changed.

I've felt an urge to shift. I felt the need for something different in myself. Being an Aquarius I should have known it was coming, however the need became overwhelming. I knew there were parts of me that were too deep to keep hidden. Parts of me that deserved to see the light and all of those desires come to life.

So I let go. I challenged myself to make new friends, to be vulnerable and to connect with those who made me uncomfortable. It was the most beautiful thing I could ever have done for myself. And when I finally went out and let myself be free, a beautiful woman gently gave me a piece of rose quartz and told me it was only the beginning.

- NX



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Image by Jessica Felicio


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