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Cultural Oasis Brings Indigenous Healing To The Community

It started a little over nine years ago when Owner, Dana Yates - also known as Aina Al-Bey - decided to use her hands and generational wisdom for sacred work. From creating natural soaps and organic body products to custom formulated products specifically for her clients' individual needs; it was no surprise to why Cultural Oasis became the cornerstone of natural medicine in East Liberty over the past decade.

Sacred medicinal healing has always been apart of her life. Her grandmothers (on both sides) were medicine women. They grew their own food, made their own concoctions and healing remedies, and past down much of the wisdom that is infused in her work today.

"I would watch my grandmothers go into the kitchen cabinets and mix together common household #herbal seasonings and utilize their medicinal properties to rid the body of illness. We grew our own food and from an early age I was taught to regard and respect nature as a divine power of healing."

As Dana matured on her #path, she explored many other avenues of #healing, including western medicine. Over a period of twenty years, she gained not just the knowledge but the #philosophy and culture of various #practices giving her a well-rounded approach to #medicine. Although she was on a full sprint forward, her professor reminded her to be true to her path and return to her roots. (No pun intended). Realizing that western medicine and the whole medical society is based on this #ancestral science; she returned home and that's when the real #transformation began.

She took recipes and #remedies that were past down to her and began to research and explore other #indigenous cultures - eventually seeing the connection between some of the practices. When the curiosity turned into a passion, she was enlightened to the healing techniques from Jamaican #Hoodoo, African Roots Medicine, #Vodun, Haitian #Rootwork, #Herbology and much more! Aina Al-Bey also hosts lectures, workshops and seminars geared towards educating and healing the community. Make sure you support by making a visit to Cultural Oasis in the east side of Pittsburgh. (100 Sheridan Square).



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Image by Jessica Felicio