Working With St. Expedite: The Saint of Urgent Matters

I've read about St. Expedite before but it wasn't until recently that I decided to give him a seat in my house. I set up an altar near the doorway (our primary entrance) and respectfully welcomed his wisdom into our home.

St. #Expedite, also known as Saint Expeditus, is a patron saint of urgent matters. He also works against procrastination and delay, helping in times of emergency. St. Expedite loves speed. If you need a solution to a problem immediately, turn to him. People all over the world petition him when they are experiencing financial distress, job hunting, or in relation to legal matters.

He is a "hot way-opening" energy that prefers to be placed by the doorways. The more primary the entrance the better, whether indoors or out — the front or back door is ideal. Make sure to keep St. Expedite altars out of any bedroom, his activity is known to cause sleep disturbances. Expedite's feast day is celebrated on April 19.

How To Get Started:

First, you'll need a photo or statue of St. Expedite. You can find statues on eBay, Amazon and any local statue shop. If you rather start with an image, search for Expedite on Google and find an image that you like.

Expedite loves things in threes. Try to set up your started altar for him in a triangle formation. Place the image in the back centered and a red, white or gold candle to the right with a glass of water to the left. This is the simplest setup of an Expedite altar, but not the only way they can be arranged.

Offerings & Altar Items

The two most basic offerings for Expedite as mentioned above is a candle and glass of water. However, the bigger and more important your petition, the more you want to offer back to him. If you are asking for something big, you should give the same energy in return when you receive your blessings.

The full list of favored/common #Expedite offerings include:

  • Candle(s)

  • Glass(es) of water

  • Slice(s) of poundcake. Sarah Lee is rumored to be his favorite, which can be found in the frozen desserts section of many grocery stores, but homemade or other brands will no doubt suffice.

  • Red flowers, especially roses

  • Red wine

  • Palm fronds

You do not have to give all of these at once. It actually works better to “pay” St. Expedite half upfront and half upon delivery of your request, to encourage him to act even faster.

The following ritual structure and prayer are arranged to accommodate this, but feel free to peace together what feels the most natural to you.

On other traditions, you can flip your icon of Expedite upside down while he’s working to fulfill your request, the idea being that he’ll move swiftly in order to get turned right side up again. This is obviously easier to do with an image than a statue and is entirely optional.

Other items at home on Expedite altars include:

  • Coins

  • Paper money and checks

  • A bell or small chime to ring at the start and end of your petitions

  • St. Expedite oils, incenses, and perfumes

  • Small varieties of palm, bamboo, or plants with red flowers

  • Items that are red, green, or gold

  • Skeleton keys and lock picks

  • Holy water, crosses, rosaries, and other Christian iconography and implements

  • Tarot cards and symbols related to your specific (and current) requests

  • Dice or playing cards

It’s best to create a new Expedite altar (or clean and re-arrange one) and give offerings / make requests on Wednesdays, his customary day ruled by Mercury. St. Expedite is a spirit so you don’t have to use particular timing at all to work with him, but if you do, the results he delivers will be even better.

Be specific with your petitions and prayers. Contemplate exactly what you need/want and consider writing it down to read during the ritual, since phrasing is such an important aspect of communication between all beings, and can deeply impact how your results manifest.

Things to think about when preparing your prayer:

  • What is your final goal?

  • Who does your prayer or petition involve?

  • Where does your goal take place?

  • When should your goal be achieved by?

  • Why do you want/need to achieve this?

Have your request formed and offerings prepared, ready beside his altar. You can write your own, or look up hundreds of other St. Expedite prayers available on the internet. You should know how to say “HODIE”, which means “today” or “at the present time” in latin, which marks Expedite’s cross. It is pronounced (h)o•dee•aay – where the [h] is silent.

Present prayers and offerings in a heartfelt manner, and address him as if he's actually there in front of you, in the same way, you’d give a gift and speak to someone you respect, very much. Begin by lighting the candle(s) and incense, if you are using it. Here is a sample petition:

Saint Expedite, Saint Expedite, Saint Expedite! [Ring bell or knock three times on the altar]

I call you, here and now, and pray for your intercession!

You who acts immediately, and is reliable in times of need! You, dressed in the red and gold colors of a Roman centurion Holding high your sacred cross, marked HODIE! Bearing a palm frond, showing all God’s children the triumph of Spirit over matter

Expedite, who heard the crow shout “tomorrow”, Expedite, who denied the beast — stepping upon it Exclaiming “TODAY”!

Come to my aid, glorious martyr! Deliver me this, my #prayer and #petition

[Speak your desire; place your petitions or sigils]

I make you offerings of… [place them on the altar if not already there, and say them aloud: flame, water, poundcake, flowers, and…]

In return for your faithful service, and upon delivery of said needs, I will give you further offerings and sing your praises to the heavens, For all should know of your power and splendor!

Expedite, Leader of the Thundering Legions By the glory and grace of your Special Providence Find a way. Go forth, make it so!

This instant! HODIE, HODIE, HODIE!


Make sure you gift St. Expedite with his offerings and favorite items when he fulfills your requests. He has been known to take things back when he doesn't receive his payments.





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