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Tech Tuesday: Jobs for Beginners in 2023

In 2023, technology jobs will be more in demand than ever before. In order to stay competitive, job seekers will need to be well-versed in the latest technology trends and skills. For those just entering the field, there are a variety of tech jobs available. From entry-level positions to more advanced roles, here are some of the most common types of tech jobs for beginners in 2023.

Software Developer

Software developers create and maintain software applications for various types of computers and devices. Skills needed for this job include coding, debugging, and testing software applications. Beginners can start out as an entry-level software developer, working on smaller projects and honing their skills. As they gain experience, they can move up to more complex roles, such as developing software for enterprise systems.

Web Developer

Web developers are responsible for creating and maintaining websites. They use a variety of coding languages and frameworks to create visually appealing sites that are optimized for performance and user experience. Entry-level web developers typically start out with basic HTML and CSS coding but can progress to more advanced languages such as JavaScript and React.

Systems Administrator

Systems administrators are responsible for maintaining the network and hardware of an organization. They are in charge of installing, configuring, and troubleshooting hardware and software. Beginners can start out in entry-level positions such as network administrator or system administrator. With experience, they can move up to more advanced roles such as network engineer or IT security specialist.

Database Administrator

Database administrators are responsible for designing, maintaining, and troubleshooting databases. They are also in charge of ensuring that the data is secure and can be accessed quickly and efficiently. Beginners can start out as a database administrator and then progress to more advanced roles such as database architect.

Network Engineer

Network engineers are responsible for designing, installing, and troubleshooting computer networks. They use a variety of tools and technologies to ensure that networks are secure and can handle large volumes of data. Beginners can start out as a network engineer and then progress to more advanced roles such as network security specialist.

IT Security Specialist

IT security specialists are responsible for ensuring that networks and data are secure. They use a variety of tools and techniques to identify and mitigate security threats. Beginners can start out as an entry-level security specialist and then progress to more advanced roles such as security architect or compliance officer.

Technology jobs are in high demand and will continue to be in the future. As the demand for technology jobs continues to rise, so will the need for qualified candidates. Beginners can take advantage of these opportunities by gaining the necessary skills and experience in order to progress in the field. With the right training and experience, beginners can enter the tech field and find success in a variety of tech jobs.


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Image by Jessica Felicio