New Moon in Pisces~Soul Self Essence

This watery lunation occurs the day after mercury goes retrograde. This and other planetary aspects are bringing about a time of rethinking and shifting that is needed for our souls growth. There is great focus on who we are relating to and how. Be mindful as you are navigating the current shift. Take care not to burn bridges on your quest to break free of limiting dynamics that you experience as oppressive. This could be areas where you don’t feel the true essence of who you are is revived wholeheartedly, situations that aren’t reciprocal and or areas where you feel you have to conform to the expectations of others. The goal is to find freedom and individuality while successfully coexisting with others so that collectively we can build stronger, more mutually supportive and safe bonds with one another that are forward moving. This New Moon is an opportune time to regain your center, go within and connect and attune to source energy. Going with the flow; allowing your self to trust will provide unexpected blessings. It can feel as though you are being swept away. Try to avoid the need to cling onto others. Remember that what is built on a solid foundation will be there when the waters recede. This is a time to honor your emotional and physical needs with an awareness of your unique, deep connection to Spirit.

Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune. The energy of Neptune represents the astral realm, dreams, the akasha. Neptune drives our creativity and inspiration. It is the voice of our subconscious mind. This energy can be very watery in nature but provides profound healing when you are able to flow with it. The numerology of Neptune is the number seven. This months spread is designed with your soul and spiritual awareness in mind, whatever that means to you. In this spread the number one position revealed your foundation, the second position shows your purpose, the third position speaks to what foundational beliefs, principles, or structures are being changed, position number four reveals advice for progress, position number five provides advice for your souls development, position number six reveals advice for dealing with outside forces, finally, position number seven shows how you can ease into this transition. I'd love to see your spreads, what Spirit has revealed to you on your journey. Make sure to share them with me via Instagram!


Rasia is the face behind MysticalHealingGuide. She practices Sacred Psychology by integrating her spiritual background as a Priestess in Palo with her formal training in the field of Psychology. Rasia has been assisting members of her community for 20 years in various capacities.





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