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New Moon in Aries: April 5, 2019:

Freedom Warrior

As we move further away from mercury retrograde and closer to a Saturn Pluto south node conjunction, we’re feeling the energy of the equinox in full effect. This mixture of energy is asking us to find our freedom within the constructs of the word and the conditions we have placed upon ourselves;to not be held down any longer by anything we can attach a feeling of overbearing to. This can be applied to our business dealings, how we make money, our personal goals, constructs of thinking and doing, desires, etc. Ask yourself where can you replace old structures that no longer serve you with empowering sustainable ones? The sign of Aries is about going forth, doing, putting thought into action and even acting before we think!

We are no longer in our heads conceptualizing how we are going to break free, we are actively seeking out ways to express this in our daily lives. While we may not have all of the pieces to the puzzle and there is more to be revealed, the energy of Aries gives us the courage to move forward into newness and the energy of Capricorn suggests that we move forward with patients to ensure that what we are building is solid and sound. In astrology Aries rules the first house, this is the energy of the beginners mind and the self. This space has much to offer in the way of being willing to create and present oneself in new ways. This new moon is a great time to align yourself with how you can approach life in a new and creative way. Using this question as a journaling prompt over the next few days is sure to yield a multitude of ideas.

This new moon Tarot Spread is guided by the number 9. Mars is ruled by the number 9 which governs independence and the masculine within. Mars influences success, drive and the ability to carry things to completion.

Position 1. What conditions have you placed

upon yourself?

Position 2. What purpose did these conditions


Position 3. How is this holding you back?

Position 4. How can you break free from this?

Position 5. What can you replace this with that

Is more sustainable and

empowering for you?

Position 6. Resources to free your mind

Position 7. Tools to manifest change patiently

Position 8. Supportive tools for self-care

during the shift

Position 9. A message from Spirit/Higher-Self/


Enjoy! And please feel free to share your spreads with me via Instagram by tagging me or DMing me if you feel called!

Abundant Blessings!


Rasia is the face behind MysticalHealingGuide. She practices #SacredPsychology by integrating her spiritual background as a #Priestess in Palo with her formal training in the field of Psychology. Rasia has been assisting members of her community for 20 years in various capacities.



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Image by Jessica Felicio


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