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Mercury in Pisces 2/10 - 4/17

Prepare yourself to dive into your feelings!

You are likely already feeling the intensity of the Mercury in Pisces transit and your’e gonna be feeling it for a lonnng time thanks to the upcoming March Mercury Retrograde which makes this transit much longer than usual.

Mercury is the planet of thought, communication, travel and business. Mercury is largely responsible for how information gets around. Pisces is symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions, ruled by Neptune, very emotional, dreamy, healing and creative. Of course Mercury in Pisces will effect some more than others, but here’s some themes of this transit:

- Expect very vivid dreams, try to write down those dreams that stick out most because there will be many messages revealed in them.

- Heightened intuition which is super exciting for those of us who perform divination, this is going to be a great time to grow your relationship with your inner voice and spirit guides. If you would like to grow your divination knowledge, join my study group: One of A Kind Oracles.

- Practice expressing yourself through some form of art, whether it’s painting, singing, poetry, anything creative! You will find it comes easier to create during this transit, use that to your benefit.

- Be gentle with yourself and others, our emotions are going to trump logic and we may lack the emotional intelligence to communicate our true feelings. Empathy is a great tool to use during this transit. If you are experiencing a little brain fog (especially during Mercury Retrograde) understand it’s not just you because we are all going to lack focus.

- Pisces are natural healers, so use this as a time to heal any negative patterns when it comes to your thoughts and the way you communicate, daily meditation will help you heal and create a new positive habit.

Since this transit is going to be a long 10 weeks, let’s talk about how to best use this energy for your element, listen to the podcast, here.

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