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JTT: A Beloved New York Art Gallery Prepares for Closure

In the cutthroat world of the New York art scene, galleries come and go, often leaving only a fleeting impact. However, there are those rare gems that manage to not only survive but also thrive, becoming a nurturing ground for emerging artists to flourish.

JTT art
Photo: | JTT's current exhibition, "Playscape."

One such establishment is JTT, a beloved New York gallery that has boosted the careers of notable artists like Jamian Juliano-Villani and Issy Wood. Regrettably, news has recently emerged that JTT will be closing its doors, leaving behind a profound artistic legacy in the city that never sleeps.

A Haven for Artists

JTT, located in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, quickly established itself as a gallery focused on supporting artists early in their careers. Over the years, it cultivated a reputation as a haven for innovative and unconventional art forms. From its inception in 2012, JTT championed artists who dared to push boundaries, giving them a platform to express their creative visions.

Boosting Careers

One of the most compelling success stories at JTT is that of Jamian Juliano-Villani. Her unique style combines pop culture references, intricate detailing, and a touch of surrealism, captivating audiences worldwide. JTT recognized her talent early on and provided her with a platform to exhibit her work. The gallery's support put Juliano-Villani on the map, leading to numerous solo exhibitions and international recognition.

Another artist who greatly benefited from JTT's support is Issy Wood, known for her striking and thought-provoking paintings. Wood's talent was nurtured within the gallery's walls, allowing her to develop her artistic voice and gain visibility.