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Heart Vs. Mind: A Poem

Even if I died today... I would not regret one decision I've ever made. Every decision has shaped me... made me who I was born to be.

But I WOULD regret one thing. That is... letting my brain speak for my heart when it came to...... him. My heart told me that his laugh made her alive again... and she was connecting with his... she told me about how she felt whole when he was in my presence. She said she had witnessed my DNA regenerates from past hurt every time my lips touched his...she said she heard my soul whisper... "yes"... and at that moment she didn't want to hide anymore.

She wanted to explore this miraculous being. Let him care for her as no one has ever done before.

But...brain got in the way... an instant fight took flight... hard blows were thrown. Harsh words were flown I was stuck in the middle. My heart was belittled then stored in a dark place. My mind won this race... but wait. His heart had something to say. To be continued...

- Blossom Nicole


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Image by Jessica Felicio


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