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Full Moon Medicine: Feb 19 Full Moon In Virgo

A Divine Balance of the Human and Etheric Bodies

Virgo speaks to the inner workings of our lives; what keeps our routines going, and how we take care of ourselves on a daily basis. The exchange between the sun and the moon during this lunation is shining a light on what we’ve taken on in our daily lives that is not our responsibility. Virgo wants us to prioritize and organize our daily lives. Where have you bitten off more than you can chew? What are you carrying that isn’t yours? Where is that you’ve been slacking and what areas of your life could you tighten up? When we ask ourselves these questions and answer them honestly, we can begin to balance the scales energetically, taking responsibility for our health, and energetic output, thus exerting our own sense of disciplined action in our lives. Your wealth is in your health. Your ability to support others in your daily life depends on how well you are taking care of yourself.

Neptune and Mercury are conjunct. This aspect is allowing us to create new ways to understand and tell your story. You might experience this as heightened intuition, spiritual downloads, or feeling like you are

floating through life. This aspect will be with us through the end of February and March as Mercury goes retrograde which is why it’s important to get grounded and practical in your everyday life as this unfolds and plays out so that you are observing your energy, spending it wisely where it is needed. Mars in Taurus will add a lending hand in the area of providing steady and reliable energy stores for you. This moon is supported by a lot of earth energy that can help keep our physical bodies sustained as we continue to transmute in the astral, other time lines, higher dimensions; unlocking our spiritual gifts and merging with our higher self.

Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury. Numerically it is ruled by the number 5. This is a very mental, versatile and friendly energy. Tap into this full moons medicine by allowing your intuition to guide you to a card. The reveal will take place on my Instagram account the day of the full moon.