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Don't Be a Kanye!

Okay, but seriously. We see what is going on in the media and how Kanye has been saying some outlandish comments lately, right?

Now if Kanye wanted to actually run for President and make a change for America, he has every right to do so as a citizen of this country. However, I think we can all agree, his statements in the media have lost him a great chance of winning an election.

Is Kanye just being Kanye? Or are his statements a cry for help? Is he going through a manic episode or does he genuinely believe what he says? Who knows! Only Kanye can answer that; which brings me to my point. In light of the Kanye news, we need to realize there is a bigger beast affecting the black community. Mental Health Awareness.

Mental health is more than self-care and treating yourself, it is also doing the inner work to heal and overcome your demons. If you don’t take the time to address the negative coping mechanisms formed growing up, they will play out into adult life, and can possibly be detrimental.

Instead of excusing Kanye’s actions or painting his wife, Kim Kardashian, out to be the problem, let’s shift our focus to the real issue. As his wife, Kim should definitely support him and his journey. To encourage him to find outlets to express himself, as a supportive wife should, so good for her by not speaking ill against her husband in the media. Reality is, she can’t make him DO anything. Kanye is his own man and he needs to take responsibility for himself and his actions. His actions being that he is publicly making a stance in the most egregious ways. Is it a narcissistic need for attention?

Honestly, we can assume all day why Kanye does what Kanye does, but I do know one thing. The importance of mental health is not communicated enough within our communities. What I do know is Kanye’s actions should spark a deeper conversation, a conversation that needs to occur more often than not. Talking about our feelings instead of suppressing the issues, seeking therapy, being vocal, calling out predators, and supporting one another when one does speak out.

It is unfortunate the black voice is conditioned to be suppressed, so we see that notion bleed into our families. For generations, instead of talking about the issues, we try to cover it up hoping no one sees the demons in our closet. News Flash! The demons are there and they will continue to try to make their way out of the closet unless you handle it.

It starts from the beginning. Raising our babies to be heard, to be seen. To deal with the scars that hurt them when they are young. Children’s innocence taken so soon, we forget how that can impact them later on.

We will not be here forever, the world is everchanging and a new age is birthed. It is important to always sharpen your skills and be better for tomorrow.

Kanye, I see you, I hear you, I am with you brother. Now is not the time to disown our own, but now it’s a time to come together and uplift one another; be in support of one another. I do not agree with Kanye or any of his statements, but I do not see only Kanye’s actions, I see a black man who needs healing.

Do not run from what you don't understand. Do not turn your nose at what smells funny. Offer a helping hand, a shoulder to lean on, a place of rest. We can only be stronger together.


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Image by Jessica Felicio