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Black Love Series: Bree & Chon Inspire Each Other

All through the month of February, we've had conversations about #love, self love, healing, #blacklove and what that looks like. Inspired by these talks, we wanted to celebrate and shoutout black couples who've reminded us the importance of BLACK LOVE and sticking together.

Bree was born in San Diego, California. At the age of 2, she moved to Pittsburgh (hence her alias CaliburghBree). From a young age, she enjoyed being active and was often found dancing, creating choreo, playing basketball, or cheerleading. No matter what floor she was on, she always stood out as a leader and entertainer.

Although Bree didn't play softball, that didn't stop life from throwing her curve balls. She took a break from being active and for a moment, struggled to align her vision for herself. She started college, and one day while scrolling through social media, she got connected to Chon Pryor (known as X3). Overtime they grew close and started a relationship. Soon after she was introduced to the rest of the team. Seeing so many individuals dedicated to their passion inspired her to tap back into hers. She began dancing again, modeling and now successfully balances her interests with school and running a business. Bree will graduate from the University of Pittsburgh in 2018.

One listen to any of Chon (X3) songs and you get a sense of connection with him instantly. X3 has a plethora of stories and experiences that he pulls from, to help make his passion evident and relevant to every person from every walk of life. He moves into an alternate reality of sorts when he performs and draws you in as he sits you down and rides you off on a journey throughout his life.

How did you meet? What were your initial thoughts?

Bree: We met by stalking each other on Twitter. We were subtweeting about pancakes and then he hopped in my DMs. lol I found out that he lived close to CCAC, where I went to school and the rest was history. My initial thoughts were “Aw. He’s cute. “

X3: My initial thoughts were “I needs parts.” lol

How long have you been together? Bree: We’ve been together since December 6, 2011. So a little over 6 years.

Tell us about a special moment when you realized that you wanted more than a friendship. Bree: I realized I wanted more than a friendship when we tried to be “just friends” and couldn’t. I knew that not getting sick of his presence was a good sign.

X3: When I realized she stayed at my house for a straight week. Lol

Favorite things about each other? Pet Peeves? Bree: My favorite things about him are his drive, passion, smile and his music. My pet peeves would be that he overreacts to things sometimes. Lol also if I interrupt him, he just won’t tell me what he was gonna say.

X3: My favorite things are her commitment, compassion, loyalty, ambition, mind, every physical feature and her will to understand me. My main pet peeve is when she interrupts me while I’m in the middle of talking.

First date memories?

Bree: Our first date was to Southside Works to see “The Sitter” and then we went on the incline. It was my first time on the incline so it had a romantic vibe.

How do you show each other love and support?

X3: By being there for each other every night and morning. By showing up to each other’s events and running a business together.

Bree: When one of us is down, it is never for long. We risk our own moods for each other. If he’s not happy, neither am I and vice versa. We move as a team.

How do you build together? Bree: We run a business together so that helps us both build on our strengths. We also do a lot of planning for our future together. Our leisure time is important since we do both work a lot so having that time together to focus on self care helps us build a stronger connection. He’s my best friend so we work together and play together.

When things get tough, how do you work through your problems? X3: We usually vibe and talk whether we roll up or grab a bottle.

Bree: No matter how frustrated either of us are initially we always end up having a serious conversation about the situation and our relationship always gets stronger afterwards.

First time you met each others family? How important is values and family in your relationship?

Bree: The first time I met the majority of his family was 4th of July in 2012 and they had a cookout at his house. They are all pretty chill and welcoming so that was good. I just recently stopped being afraid of his mom though. Lol. Family doesn’t play a huge role in our relationship because we both have our issues when it comes to family. I think it does help us know what type of family we want to build with each other though.

Chon: The first time I met her dad was at a barber shop on East Ohio Street. I met her mom when I went over her house for dinner one night. I met her siblings through passing. I met a lot of her cousins at a wedding that we attended.

How did your past relationships and experiences prepare you for this one?

Bree: My past relationships helped me appreciate communication and the effort that he always put in. He always respected me and boosted my self-esteem so that was different. But having trust issues was something that I had to eventually get over. Honestly, the relationship that I am in now has taught me the most about relationships and people more than any other relationships I’ve been in because we have grown together and gotten through so much.

Chon: Well, I had my guard up pretty high so for her to make it through proved a lot. I knew what signs to watch for, for when relationships go south.

Advice for other people in relationships or looking for love?? Bree: I would say always communicate and don’t overreact. You’d be surprised how much a conversation can fix. Keep your relationship to yourself meaning do not publicly fight or talk down on each other. Know your limits. I personally like challenges so Chon was perfect for me but not everyone is about that life. Take care of you first at the end of the day and always remember what your goals are in life because a lot of women get blindsided by a relationship. Also, stop looking for love and just let it happen.

X3: Love yourself. Learn how to love and how to receive love. Be honest, communicate and compromise.


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