#ArtistToWatch: Soul Wavy Overcame All Obstacles To Shine

28-year-old lyricist, Soul Wavy was Born and raised in Dallas TX. Growing up in the metroplex area,  his family moved frequently and In his high school years is where he would discover his passion for music as he began writing poetry and remixing radio hits.

Without a prominent father figure in his life, Soul found himself wrestling demons of drugs and alcohol - and momentarily, the once undying passion for music dissolved into the background. As he fought for his sobriety, he conquered his addictions and rededicated his time to his gift.

Driven by his desire for a new wholesome life, Wavy was motivated to set a good example for the many young at-risk teens across America. As he began making drastic life changes, Soul went all in and invested the money he made from his trucking job to fuel his music career.

In 2019, the Rapper would release his first hit single “Texas Ni***s” - a down-south, loan star state anthem infused with the essence of Southern hip-hop. Since then, the rapper has been on fire releasing other singles such as “Jose” “I Done Came Down” and his newest single “Clockin' In” featured on Sauce Walka’s mixtape series “DRIPPIN VOL 4” along with snippets from his debut Album “Kidnap the Queen VOL1”

Watch Video 'You Know Me' featuring Optimistic

With his positive messages of upliftment and self-determination, Soul Wavy's goal is to inspire and motivate people to chase their dreams and be strong enough to conquer their demons in the face of adversity, making him a truly unique rapper that you should definitely stay tuned in for.


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