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Aligning With The Cycles of Nature

A change in frequency: Take care and be gentle with yourself as we transition from one season to another; one version of ourselves to another. As we begin to emerge from the long night of winter our awareness is drawn to every singular cell in our bodies and how we have reconfigured ourselves. What has been your work these last three months? What did you bring into your womb of darkness and how have you integrated this?

Spring is a celebration of new life, vibrancy and energetics. Spring shows us the way as we expand into new light. And as the beginning of the astrological new year, setting your intention on what you want to create this year is ideal. The upgrades that our templates are receiving in this energetic corridor are brewing with abundance and fertility.

When we move with the cycles of earth we are in tune with how the seasons correspond which makes us energetically positioned to receive the abundance and gifts that come with the passing of each season.The #equinox is a time of equal balance between light and dark. This is a great time to temper what you learned in the darkness of winter and how you plan to emerge into the light. Balance is key. Here are a few practices that will guide you into the light, enjoy and please share your experiences via Instagram by tagging me in your posts!

1. On the day of the Equinox, rise with the sun at dawn. You will need an egg to cleanse yourself with. Go out into the woods and find a tree that speaks to you. With your back to the tree, announce all that you are leaving behind with the changing of seasons. As you do this. Rub the egg on your body so that it can absorb any negative or stagnant energy. Move from head to toe without going over the same spot twice. When you’re done, throw the egg over your shoulder so that it hits the bark of the tree and breaks. Walk out of the wooded area without turning back.

2. On the first new moon of Spring, gather flowers of rose, geranium, lavender, jasmine, and lilac. Gather stones of yellow jasper, citrine, and blue calcite. Add the ingredients to a warm bath. As you draw your bath, welcome in the new energy of spring and the abundance it has to offer you.

3. On the day of the Equinox create an altar in honor of Spring. Place on it all things related to spring that resonate with your soul. Create a vision board of what you wish to create and manifest in your life this year, or write down your intentions as if you already have them. Light a candle and spend some time on this space as a daily meditation practice.


Rasia is the face behind MysticalHealingGuide. She practices #SacredPsychology by integrating her spiritual background as a #Priestess in Palo with her formal training in the field of Psychology. Rasia has been assisting members of her community for 20 years in various capacities.



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Image by Jessica Felicio


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