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5 Tips for Organizing Your Home Office

When temperatures creep up again, it signals time for an annual tradition: spring cleaning. While big projects like windows are hard to overlook, don't forget smaller areas that need attention, too, such as your home office. These five tips can help get you started organizing your space.

Making sense of a year's worth of paperwork and clutter can take some serious time, especially as many people have been working from home more than normal, but getting organized can help you tackle home management tasks more efficiently. Making the office a priority can reduce frustration when it comes to spending additional time in your office while working from home.

Make sure you have furniture that can adequately store your stuff, including plenty of space for files, reference books, and computer equipment. Pieces need not be costly to be functional and there are plenty of attractive options available online and at both small and major retailers.

Arrange the space with its intended use and your own work style in mind. For example, if you don't need ample space to spread out over a large, flat work area, eliminate that space - it's simply an invitation for clutter.

Place items you rely on frequently, such as a calculator or ruler, within arm's reach so the