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the whole world: a poem

Hey, I don’t mean to intrude, But can I borrow you?

Not to be rude, But you are treble.

Not trouble,

But I am having trouble,

Keeping my thoughts off your hands

And lips,

How you moved my hips

Pelvic to pelvic

Clothes still on.

Our bodies swaying

To a beat

I felt the heat

You didn’t turn it down.

I could hear the sound

Of a heart wanting love

A soul, yearning for a soul

I saw the glow

In your melodic mellow eyes.

You were singing

I was bringing

All my intentions to the forefront

My candies to the storefront

You bought it all

As you are rich

In this.

You chose to bring out all the sweetness

The bliss

I give it to you freely

Wrapped up in a complete mission statement

Of yours truly

I mean, this frequency

Means so much to me.

You are treble

Not trouble

High notes over low vibration

You demand my concentration

I’m humming a masterpiece

And only you can hear me

I’m sincerely


Floating over the whole world

You call me your girl

The honor is real

No words to describe this reel

Of happiness

Constantly circling

In the depths of my conscience,

I can’t breathe

But in a good way

As we sway, I breathe you in

Hairs rising on my skin

I savor

Still letting you

Permeate my lungs

A little light headed

Feels so good

You smile

You give me a little while

To regroup

You chuckle

You get a kick outta how I buckle

For you.

You are definitely treble

Not trouble

But I’m in trouble

Cuz I can’t get over this


Feels so good to me