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Interview: Sierra June Creates Relatable Mini-Series About Her Love Life Disasters

Tell us about you and where you're from. What inspired the mini series?

I'm from St. Louis, Missouri and the 'Crynicles' series is about my disaster of a love life lol. I recently moved to Los Angeles and I needed a job so I created the show to help boost my portfolio. 

How have your creative abilities changed/grown since you started developing the series?

At first I was using bitmoji because I couldn't draw, but I had to learn so I could fully monetize my channel and not worry about them putting a copyright on my videos. 

Has your show gotten any media attention?

Ehhh a few producers have reached out to me about selling it to a network but it's I haven't been able to see any results from that yet. 

Tell us about the characters on the show. You being the main character of course, for someone who hasn't seen it... give us a teaser.

It's painfully obvious that I'm a perpetually naive and love-sick fool who simply makes one bad decision after another. When it comes to love, I tend to admire the idea of it more than myself which leads to my downfall. I spend most of my college career either depressed about one man or having terrible sex with a different one in some messed up situation-ship. It's normally both.

Do you own your own media company? Are you getting the support you imagined?

Yes Juvenile Studio. It started off as me just making little visual edits for artists to use to release music too and I've developed it into a full production outlet. I'm getting much more support than I imagined much sooner than expected. 

What is your goal for the show?

My goal is to just tell my story and really show people's carelessness can affect you. A lot of girls relate to it so hopefully men can see it and really understand that we are humans with feelings and everything they do effects us. I would prefer to take it to a major platform just so I can be paid lol. Right now I have two other jobs doing stuff I don't even like and it's cutting into my creative time. I want to get paid for my art and YouTube isn't really cutting it right now because I don't have enough views. 

You have a background in graphic arts and media, how do you wish to expand that facet of your career? Who are your favorite media creators?

One day, i wish to open my own studio where I can colab with other creators and get their content out. I can't think of any animators off the top of my head, but definitely Issa Rae and Donald Glover. 

Have you collaborated with any other artists yet?

Only for music. 

What's your favorite episode thus far?

Episode 4 because I used my own artwork. 

We know this is just the beginning for you, how can we support your growth and continued content?

Like, comment share! The more views the better. The sooner I can get paid to do this the sooner it can be the only thing I focus on. Or if everyone who watched could donate just $1 to my cashapp ($ierraMckie) it would be enough to quit both my jobs lmao. 

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