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How Does It Feel To Be A Black Teenager In 2019?

Sometimes it's hard. Like at times I get treated differently than some of the other kids. Some of the adults treat some of us differently. When I was in school, we had to do a writing about something special that happened in your life. Me and this student did the same topic and when it was time to turn it in I had to do mine over again but the other girl didn’t. That was so weird to me.... byeee. I did the same exact topic had the same amount of paragraphs. So I did it over again and I had more paragraphs then last time and I still got a bad grade but the other student didn’t .

Sometimes school was difficult because it was mostly a white school and they treated me differently than some of the other girls. The girls would always question me about things in my life or ask me what’s it like to live where I live meanwhile we all lived in the same area. They would always be kinda scared of me like I was gonna bite them or something. It took a while for them to (I guess) get used to me. I would always get in trouble for the smallest things that we were all doing as a group but they wouldn’t. The girls would have their phones and when I had mine out the teacher took mine but told the other girls to put them away.

When we moved back to the east side, I went to Westinghouse and it was WAY better. We all got the same treatment, the staff understood me a lot better. A lot of my problems got solved in a better way instead of me just getting in trouble instantly. Yes, being a black teen is hard but it’s a great thing that I’m getting to do what my grandparents probably didn’t have the chance to do.



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Image by Jessica Felicio


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