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8 Simple Ways To Combat Depression

For many people, #depression is a road block stopping them from success, happiness and a real chance at experiencing life. According to the World Health Organization, over 350 million people around the world suffer from at least one form of depression. And while this dis-ease can take a toll on ones life; It doesn't have to control you. Depression is NEGATIVE #meditation, and with time, dedication and positive self talk, it can be reduced in a major way. We compiled a list of simple ways to counteract these unwanted emotions. We hope these help:

1. Take a vacation. Especially when it's cold, a change of scene is just the thing we need to transform our thinking. Your work week, topped with other responsibilities and deadlines can begin to bog down your energy and overwhelm you. Take a group of friends and hit the road or grab an intimate cabin for the weekend to collect your thoughts and relax.

2. Eat #healthy and get your #vitamins. Eating healthier allows the brain to function better, your body to feel more alive, and it just helps to have more energy throughout the day. Sometimes when we feel depressed, we eat junk food, binge on Netflix and wonder why we don't want to leave the couch. Try to avoid refine carbohydrates and sugars. Here are some natural #remedies that assist in combating depression:

  • Fish Oil

  • Probiotics

  • Vitamin D3 & B-Complex Vitamins

  • Brew A Tea: Chamomile, Lavender, or St. John's Wort are great herbs!

  • Adaptogen Herbs

***Make sure you talk to a #healthcare professional before deciding to take any new supplements or medications, especially if you are nursing, pregnant or already taking other medications.

3. Take a #yoga class or #dance class. A recent study revealed that yoga does in fact help reduce symptoms of depression. A lot of classes educate students on deep (yogic) breathing to help reduce major depressive disorders. From anxiety to problems with addiction, aerobic movement of any kind helps to alleviate depression and stress by boosting the brain's dopamine levels and providing endorphins. Level Up Studios offers amazing dance classes as well as martial arts to get your body feeling great!

4. Make sure you're getting rest. You're no good to anyone if you don't have energy. Cars can't run without gas, your body can't run without energy. Low energy is often caused by depression and stress. Try to rest, even if you can't sleep. Lay down with a really wordy book. That usually does the trick for me.

5. Start a #gratitude journal. Make note of everything you DO have. Your blessings. Your accomplishments. Your ability to rise in the face of adversity. Get it all out on paper and read back through it.

6. Practice healthy #visualization. Depression is just negative meditation. To begin to combat these lower thoughts and feelings, challenge your mind to replace each negative thought with a happy memory, feeling or idea. Instead of focusing on how bad you feel or look, think about how good you felt when you went to the beach. Imagine yourself there right in the moment. Try to use your senses. Smell the salt water. Feel the sand in your toes. Dedicate time everyday to meditate on #positive energy.

7. Take up a new #hobby or try something completely out of the ordinary. Sky diving might be a stretch for some people, but do something that will set your whole body on fire and get that adrenaline going.

8. Spend time with #family and #friends. As cliche as it sounds, and a lot of times this is the LAST thing we WANT to do when we feel depressed... it's important to make sure we maintain connections with the people who care about us. A lot of times we feel alone and assume that no one cares but this is not the case. Just reach out and ask for help if you need it. Have dinner at a friends house and find a way to take your mind off the negative self talk happening in your mind.

Depression can be a tough battle to conquer alone but it's important to be proactive. Find things that center your #mind, #body and #spirit. Remember that you aren't the only one experiencing depression and that there are tons of people who've successfully combated this emotional roller coaster. Reach out to family and friends and stay active Nubians!



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Image by Jessica Felicio