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8 Simple Ways To Combat Depression

For many people, #depression is a road block stopping them from success, happiness and a real chance at experiencing life. According to the World Health Organization, over 350 million people around the world suffer from at least one form of depression. And while this dis-ease can take a toll on ones life; It doesn't have to control you. Depression is NEGATIVE #meditation, and with time, dedication and positive self talk, it can be reduced in a major way. We compiled a list of simple ways to counteract these unwanted emotions. We hope these help:

1. Take a vacation. Especially when it's cold, a change of scene is just the thing we need to transform our thinking. Your work week, topped with other responsibilities and deadlines can begin to bog down your energy and overwhelm you. Take a group of friends and hit the road or grab an intimate cabin for the weekend to collect your thoughts and relax.

2. Eat #healthy and get your #vitamins</