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** Please fill out form below if you are a group or organization that would like to participate in the Nubian Parade. You may register your float, business, group/organization or performance art. Make sure to read through entire guidelines before you submit registration form!!! ***

The Nubian Day Parade is a display of nubian (black and brown) culture, unity and strength. Highlighting community, arts and education, we are excited to celebrate inter-generational indigenous pride. The theme is Afro/Nubian Carnaval. Dance teams, groups, organizations, clubs and characters (costumes and deities wear not provided but can be ordered upon payment.) People of color from the diaspora are encouraged to participate and represent their home country/heritage and family ancestory. Parade entries will be selected based on their adherence to the theme and reflection of their community spirit. The Nubian Parade will take place in the East End of Pittsburgh.

NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES are permitted in any entry vehicle as well as in any formation within the parade portion of the event. We must be mindful of the families and community members involved and we would like to keep it safe, fun and family friendly. Parade officials will be monitoring all entries at all times.



- Registration: All parade entries must be registered and pre-approved by the Nubian Day Parade Review Committee. Organizations are expected to submit an image of their group or sketch of their float. Pay close attention to guidelines and please be respectful of rules and community expectations.

- Acceptable Entries: Parade staff reserve the right to withdraw any parade entry that is offensive, illegal or otherwise not reflective of the values and theme of the Nubian Parade. All music is expected to be CLEAN and EDITED (no profanity, violent language or degrading subject matter of any kind will be permitted.) Entries that are not consistent with promotion of the theme or Nubian Day Spirit will be denied/disqualified.

- Float Dimensions: All vehicles or floats must be no wider than 8 feet, no longer than 20 feet; and no taller than 10 feet. No projections off the body of the float will be permitted (for example opened doors or slides). Trailers are acceptable but NO 18 WHEELERS ALLOWED!

- Display Requirements: All entries must display at least one banner in the front of designated section or on the right passenger side naming the organization or team. If your group does not have a banner, please contact Level Up Studios to have one promptly designed, otherwise shirts with group logo or name is required. 

- Music & Sound: Any music played must be RADIO EDITED. This means no inappropriate or foul language. Entries with obscene language/inappropriate implications will be disqualified from the parade.

- Safety: NO TRACTOR TRAILERS!!!!!. All entries must travel the entire length of the parade. Towed entries must have a rigid hitch and safety chains. If you are tossing gifts, objects or candy in the crowd, THEY MUST BE TOSSED LIGHTLY. All candy must be wrapped individually.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this year's parade, please email us: 

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