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A wild & tropical fake fern hanging basket  that will take your home, office or cafe decor to the next level

| UV Resistant | Extremely Life-like | Zero Maintenance  

  • This stunningly naturalistic fake fern hanging basket bursts with the vibrancy of nature, and will work wonders for any space! It’s effortless good looks are just that - effortless, as they require no water, sun, food or shaping to maintain.
  • The artificial fern is self contained in a beautiful coconut liner pot, and measures 140cm high (from the topmost point to the bottom) with a width of 40cm. It’s dramatic vertical design makes it perfect for areas where you don’t have the floor space such as porches, balconies, offices, apartments and restaurants.
  • The fern has been UV treated to ensure it’s good looks won’t ever fade or yellow. As such you can place it anywhere inside and outside - even the places real plants wither and die! 
  • Hanging ferns are some of the most on-trend plants around, and it’s easy to see why. People go mad for their texture, vibrancy, and lush good looks that lends any room a totally tropical vibe. However to get a fern looking as good as it should requires some serious care and attention. Get it wrong, and its fullness quickly thins and the leaves yellow and die. 

    So, rather embrace the trend the clever way with our dramatically overflowing and realistic fern. The graceful sweep of the foliage spills down to the floor making it the perfect artificial plant if you’re short on space, while it’s vibrant green leaves will pop against any decor scheme.  

    The fern is so intricately detailed it will fool everyone, and is bound to catch everyone’s eye. What’s more, you’ll never have to worry about where to place it - it’s UV resistant so can withstand anything from the harshest of sunlight to the darkest corner.

    The artificial fern comes in a basket with a chain to make it easy to install. The chain measures approximately 40cm long.

Artificial Potted Fern Hanging Basket (Indoor / Outdoor)